Lifestyle Medicine Summit
Healing Breast Cancer

October 10-20, 2019 LIVE Online

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“While there are several chronic diseases more destructive to life than cancer, none is more feared.” Charles Mayo

The Lifestyle Medicine Healing Breast Cancer Online Summit will start in:


The New Science Of Breast Health

Does this also apply to breast cancer?

What's really causing breast symptoms?

Can we show breast imbalances years before they manifest as cancer?

What protocols and treatments are working?

How can we prevent and increase breast health?

Discover a revolutionary new healing paradigm based on Lifestyle and Integrative Medicine and learn how finding the root-cause(s) of breast symptoms early has the potential to radically improve health outcomes. World-renowned speakers will share the science and their proven protocols to prevent and heal breast cancer.

Breast health is within our reach.

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Expert Speakers And Global Authorities

Attend 20+ Live Presentations

Know The Research and The Science

Learn about Breast Health Protocols

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