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Your 2022 NBHWC Special Offer 

Radically improve your confidence, competence and client health outcomes.

Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Health Coach Certificate Training

Earn Two Credentials (LPHC and NBC-HWC) In One Training.

  • $4,995   All-Inclusive LPHC Certificate Training
  • $1,000- Tuition Credit (LPU Scholarship)
  • $3,995   Your Investment
  • $       0   OMBA Charts ($565 value)
  • $       0   NBHWC Exam Prep Workshop ($597 value)
  • $2,162   YOUR TOTAL SAVINGS 

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Your 3-Steps To Double-Certification

Our students love the ease of how they can complete their Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach (LPHC and NBC-HWC) Certification typically within 9-12 months (depending on the time and energy invested).

You'll follow this study flow:

Self-Study Courses

Practicum Live Class Intensives

Attend two Practicum Intensives which are offered several times each year:

  • Root-Cause Analysis
    Health Coaching Core Competencies, Root-Cause Analysis & Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy
  • Root-Cause Health Coaching Skills
    Lifestyle Medicine Protocols, Health Coaching, Techniques & Transformation Skills

You may even repeat both live class segments once without extra fees.

LPHC + NBC-HWC Certification 

After you've completed the self-study courses, both practicums and the Lifestyle Prescriptions® University faculty evaluation you have earned your:

  • Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach (LPHC) credentials 

Then you apply and finalize your:

  • NBHWC certification (with NBHWC)

You can be tremendously proud to have achieved and earned two certifications in one training. 😊🙏🥂

Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy Charts

After you've registered we'll ship your invaluable 12 reference charts, posters and Lifestyle Prescriptions® pads via Priority Mail to you. Place the high quality and attention-drawing posters on your wall and use the charts in your daily work with clients.

Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy

I absolutely know you're going to love them.

Three Powerful Reasons To Study With LPU 

Build your confidence, competence & credentials beyond Health Coaching Core Competencies. 

Watch these 3 short videos:

Video #1

Why the Art & Science of Self-Healing

Video #2

Why Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy

Video #3

Why Root-Cause Health Coaching and Lifestyle Prescriptions®?

Listen to our Students & Graduates

 Annie Gedye

Reading, UK

Most people will act on the advice in a prescription. I find that Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching protocols are a quick, accurate and effective way to allow clients to improve vitality and allow self healing.

Dr. Stephane Provencher

 Dr. Stephane Provencher 

Washington DC , USA

Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Analysis allow me and my center to get to the root of all issues so fast and breakdown the false patterns so easily. It is a life changing and an amazing tool! I am so grateful to be part of this innovative ways of looking at the root-causes analysis.

Christa Krahnert ND

 Christa Krahnert, ND

Gold Coast, Australia

Finally it's here 'Lifestyle Prescriptions University'! A gap in the professional training system of health experts is closed! The true causes of our chronic diseases are directly related to our lifestyle. Finally, we are able to pursue genuine health promotion. I enjoyed the courses very much!

 Jo Trewartha

Halesowen, UK

I love Lifestyle Prescriptions ~ it's revolutionary. It assists me to understand both my own healing journey and that of my clients in a super fast way. Life changer. 

 Dr. Anton Bader 

Heilbronn, Germany

I use Lifestyle Prescriptions® in my practice and it's amazing to see the results with my patients.

Dr. Kevin Chan

 Dr. Kevin Chan

Scottsdale, Arizona

In my busy integrative and functional medical practice I love using the lifestyle prescription charts and quickly ask patients if the conflict themes and emotions connected with their symptoms ring a bell and almost everyone gets it!

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