2021 Graduation Ceremony

What a wonderful graduation ceremony. Congratulations to our Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach and Specialist graduates and to our faculty for making all this happen. Enjoy the replay!

01:00 Cello Music Welcome with Victoria RayLong
05:00 Welcome Johannes R. Fisslinger, Founder Lifestyle Prescriptions® University
11:50 Healthcare Of Future: 'Prescribe Lifestyle Medicine', Writing Lifestyle Prescriptions® and Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy

20:00  Why Root-Cause Analysis & Health Coaching™ Annie Gedye, Lifestyle Medicine University Foundation
30:00 Breakout Rooms - Mix, Mingle & get to know colleagues
44:00 Graduation Ceremony
59:10 Commencement Speech with Bernie Siegel MD, world-renowned Pioneer in Mind-Body Medicine (very funny!!!)
01:39:00 Preview Lifestyle Medicine Summit Oct. 27-31, 2021 - Inspire your community & colleagues. Register here!

01:40:30 Cello Music Closing with Victoria RayLong

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