Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach Certification Training
Become A Master in Body-Mind-Social Root-Cause Analysis And The Art and Science of Self-Healing

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Health Coaching "Way" Beyond Nutrition

Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching goes beyond nutrition or lifestyle medicine and allows for laser-sharp habit and behavior improvements by knowing the root-cause emotions, stress triggers, beliefs & habits affecting over 1,000 specific organ symptoms.

It's based on the Art and Science of Self-Healing, the Body-Mind-Social Connection, Biology, Embryology, and the understanding that every organ tissue reacts differently during stress and in regeneration.

Here's a little quiz to test if Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching is for you:

▢ Which conflicts & stress triggers are connected to eczema?

▢ Does eczema appear in the stress phase (sympathetic) or regeneration phase (parasympathetic)? 

▢ What skin-epidermis symptom is typical for the stress phase (it's not eczema)?

▢ Which typical emotions do clients with eczema feel regularly?

Now, these 3 questions are only about the skin-epidermis and you can imagine how confident you'd feel if you knew the organ reaction during stress and regeneration, the conflicts, emotions, beliefs and habits affecting over 150 organ tissues.

Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaches will easily answer these questions.

This Is What You'll Learn!

The Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching is not the typical online training because our focus is on practice and helping you establish "success habits" to become excellent in finding the root-cause(s) and using effective techniques to help clients remove blockages and activate their natural self-healing process and auto-regulation.

Here's an overview of what you'll learn (some theory, tons of practice):


Organ-Mind-Brain Connection
►Organ-Mind-Brain Connection
►9 Points & Phases Of Healing
►10-Step Root-Cause Analysis Process (with scripts)
►8 Milestones of Self-Healing

Root-Cause Diagnostics
►Find Negative Emotions, Conflicts, Stress Triggers and Beliefs, Quickly
►Evaluation of Lifestyle Habits

Organ-Mind-Brain Charts
►13 Charts, Worksheets & Pads
►5 Display Posters (150 Organ Tissue, 1000 Symptoms)

Proven Therapy & Coaching Skills

Proven Energy Therapy Method
►Release Negative Emotions,
Stress Triggers, Limiting Beliefs
►Align values and life goals

Transformation Technologies ►Physical symptoms
►Psychological health issues
►Allergies, auto-immune disease
►Establish healthy behaviors

Lifestyle Prescriptions Protocols
►Personalized nutrition
►Stress management
►Fitness & resilience
►Social support & solutions
►Establish healthy micro-habits 

We-Do-It-For-You Marketing

Business Setup
►Discover your niche/market
►Business Cards, Forms, Flyers
►Personalized website page
►Facebook & Twitter pages
►Viral Facebook marketing page

►Blog and reach 50,000 readers
►Listed in LPTV search directory
►Present lectures and talks

Business Automation
►Automated booking system
►PayPal payment option
►Lead generation strategies
►Live webinar and chat features 

Schedule a phone or Skype call | Call +1 347 741 8809 (US) or +44 20 3289 7956 (UK)


The Organ-Mind-Brain Reference Charts

The cornerstone of Lifestyle Prescriptions® Protocols are the 13 Organ-Mind-Brain Connection reference charts. They will guide you to write effective and personalized Lifestyle Prescriptions®.

Like a laser you'll find your clients root-cause, emotions, conflicts and belief connections quickly and use proven micro-habit change techniques to increase engagement, compliance and health outcomes. The charts include:

150 organ tissues with conflicts and emotions
1,000+ stress and regeneration phase symptoms
Beautiful organ images for easy reference
Major points and phases of self-healing
Worksheets and reference charts

Printed on high quality, glossy and never-tear paper which is ideal for daily use

Isn't It Time To Write Lifestyle Prescriptions®?

Most people take prescriptions for disease management (medication, diagnostic referrals, etc.) written by medical doctors very seriously and take action accordingly. 

Knowing that Lifestyle Medicine can reverse up to 80% of chronic health issues - doesn't it make sense to add Green (GRx) and Lifestyle Prescriptions® to your tool box?

Lifestyle Prescriptions® are absolutely unique. They go beyond lifestyle medicine and allows for laser-sharp habit and behavior improvements by knowing the root-cause emotions, stress triggers, beliefs & lifestyle habits affecting specific symptoms and using effective Lifestyle Prescription® Protocols to stimulate the natural healing process and auto-regulation.

Techniques You'll Learn (Plus The Curriculum)

Simplicity and focus. That's our motto.

We'll focus on the essential skills & techniques you'll really need to work with root-cause analysis & solutions and practice these skills extensively (like... why would you need 20 techniques to release negative emotions?)

Below you'll find the 12-Months Curriculum and the 7 powerful techniques we'll teach you.

  • And more ...

MONTH #1 - The Art and Science of Self-Healing

You'll be amazed by our body's healing intelligence using the Organ-Mind-Brain Connection, the 9 major points and phases of self-healing, neurobiology, embryology and evolutionary consciousness and the 8 Milestones of Self-Healing & Therapy.

MONTH #2 - Root-Cause Analysis 10-Step Process

We'll teach you a powerful 10-step process (using our amazing script) to find your clients root-cause conflicts, stress triggers, emotions & beliefs and lifestyle habits affecting their symptoms quickly. 

MONTH #3 - Root-Cause Analysis Practice

We'll practice a lot and will focus on fine-tuning your skills. You'll go beyond the script and will experience the self-healing process through demos and several practice sessions. You'll start to integrate what you've learned into your life and your practice.

MONTH #4 - Health Coaching & Transformation Skills

Improve motivation, compliance and create sustainable results with your individual sessions or monthly health coaching plans using the 7 Lifestyle Prescription® Protocols.

MONTH #5 - Chronic Health Issues

Distinguish between acute and chronic symptoms and learn protocols to establish new health empowering habits and behaviors. Use a combination of stress trigger release and real-life habit change techniques.

MONTH #6 - Energy Psychology Techniques (TTTT)

Help clients release negative emotions & stress triggers, reframe limiting beliefs and reset the autonomous nervous system and internal representations affecting specific organ symptom reactions. We’ll teach you our exclusive, effective and easy-to-use Trauma-Trigger-Transformational Technique (TTTT) based on EMDR, Tapping, NLP and Neurobiology which will work great in conjunction with any other method you use already.

MONTH #7 - Food As Medicine

Use intuitive, high nutrient, clean eating plans and use specific foods, herbs or vitamins to help clients improve vitality during stress or regeneration phases. You’ll learn proven nutritional methods that you can apply with your clients.

MONTH #8 - Psychological Health Issues (Constellation)

Learn how to work with fear, anxiety, aggression, depression, bipolar and other psychological health issues using our energy psychology and lifestyle modifications protocols.

MONTH #9 - Micro-Habit Improvements

You’ll learn how the power of habits and how to use them with clients. This segment includes
mindfulness, exercise, organ fitness, breathing modalities with a focus on creating empowering and
sustainable real-life changes.

MONTH #10 - Business and Marketing Success

By now we have setup your business & marketing platform and you have already used it to your advantage. We step up the marketing efforts by teaching you insider tricks and tips how to increase your clientele and become a sought after health coach.

MONTH #11 - Serious Disease, Infections & More

Strategies to coach clients with cancer, diabetes, auto-immune disorder or allergies. You’ll hear
from doctors and naturopaths with extensive experience and we’ll practice with actual clients.

MONTH #12 - Lifestyle Prescriptions® Certification

Preparation and review of your client cases including a demo of health coaching session following
by your certification as a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach.

Starting at $195/month. 

For a limited time only: Ask us how to get over $6,800 in tuition credit and bonus benefits.

Schedule a phone or Skype call | Call +1 347 741 8809 (US) or +44 20 3289 7956 (UK)

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