Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach Certification Training

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Root-Cause and Science-Based Health Coaching built on the Art and Science of Self-Healing and Organ-Mind-Brain Connection

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Why are health professionals transforming their practices with Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Analysis & Protocols?


Find the 6 Root-Cause(s) Quickly

You'll learn how to find the root-cause stress triggers, emotions, beliefs & lifestyle habits of over 1,000 symptoms just by asking a few questions.


Learn 6 Self-Healing Protocols & Skills

Use 6 proven techniques to help clients self-healing including releasing negative emotions & stress triggers, reframing beliefs, real-life habit change and lifestyle modification techniques and protocols.


Build A Successful, Sustainable Practice

We help you automate your practice and use essential tools to build a business you'll love. Includes listing in our practitioner directory and other marketing & business support.


Become A Certified Health Coach

You'll join a passionate and supportive global community and become a certified Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach and Specialist.

Which Integrative Health Professionals are using Lifestyle Prescriptions® Methods and Root-Cause Analysis already?

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    Health and Life Coaches
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    Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine Practitioners
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    Physical Therapists
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    Other Integrative and Functional Medicine Health Professionals 

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The Lifestyle Prescriptions® Method Curriculum

Level 1: Lifestyle Prescriptions® Method Root-Cause Analysis

Training Outcome: Discover the Art and Science of Self-Healing with a focus on the Organ-Mind-Brain Connection and the 9 Major Points and Phases of Self-Healing. After completion of Level 1 you’ll feel confident in finding the 6 root-cause(s) of over 1,000 symptoms and know how to use our reference charts.

Bio-Psycho-Social Root-Cause Analysis

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    Learn how to apply the Organ-Mind-Brain Connection
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    Know the 6 Root-Cause(s) of all symptoms
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    Find stress triggers & emotions by asking a few questions.
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    Elicit the major points and phases of self-healing with clients
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    Apply the 10-Step Root-Cause Analysis Process with clients
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    Learn how to read the Organ-Mind-Brain Reference Charts


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    4 Months (70 hours study time)
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    15 Live Q&A Video Calls (Practice)
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    15 Root-Cause Analysis Teleseminars (Theory) 
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    Scripts, worksheets and protocols for easy learning
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    Private Facebook LPPRO Support Community

Level 2: Root-Cause Health Coaching

Level 2: Lifestyle Prescriptions® Method Techniques & Protocols

Training Outcome: You’ll deepen and master your root-cause analysis skills and you’ll feel competent in creating sustainable results & health outcomes using 6 proven Lifestyle Prescriptions® Techniques & Protocols and self-healing techniques based on Quantum-Neuro-Biology, habit change, Energy and Behavioral Psychology and Lifestyle Medicine.

Bio-Psycho-Social Root-Cause Analysis

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    Master the 10-Step Root-Cause Analysis Process
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    Feel confident in using the Organ-Mind-Brain Connection Charts & Posters with clients 
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    Work with psychological health issues (constellations) 
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    ​Know the root-cause(s) of auto-immune, diabetes,
    allergies and other chronic symptoms,

6 Lifestyle Prescription® Self-Healing Protocols

Write precise and root-cause based Lifestyle Prescriptions®
and learn 6 proven and effective root-cause based techniques & protocols:

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    ORGAN: Strategies how to manage symptom using Lifestyle Prescriptions® Energy Healing Techniques 
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    STRESS: Decoding stress triggers with our exclusive Quantum-Neuro-Biology Technique
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    EMOTION: Releasing unresolved emotional hurts with the Precision EFT Transformation Technique
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    BELIEF: Aligning beliefs & values with 4-Questions Reframing, Values Elicitation & Alignment Process and Setting Life Goals techniques.
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    SOCIAL: Manifesting real-life solutions with Biological Conflict Resolution Technique and Habit Change Skills
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    LIFESTYLE: Increase vitality & strength and detox with Nutrition, Fitness, and Mindfulness Protocols


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    7 Months (130 study & practice hours)
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    32 Live Practice & Supervision Online Classes (Practice)
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    32 Teleseminars  (Theory)

Level 3: Business Success & Certification

Level 3: Business Success, Marketing & Certification Modules

Outcome: Automate your work flow, use proven strategies to attract new clients and build a successful & sustainable practice. In Level 3 we'll also complete your certification through extensive practice, client cases and organ chart study, in-class supervision and personal support.

Business & Marketing Training 

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    Discover your niche/market
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    Business Cards, Flyers, Roll-up Banners & Worksheets
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    Personalized website page, Facebook & Twitter page setup 
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    Write blog articles and reach 35,000 readers
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    LPTV practitioner directory business listing (get clients)
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    Automated booking system, Lead generation strategies

Practice, Supervision & Certification 

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    Deepen your Root-Cause Analysis & Organ skills
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    Quizzes to integrate theory and charts knowledge
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    Preparation sessions for certification
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    ​Demos and live analysis sessions incl. review
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    Certification and inclusion in our practitioner directory

Whats Included?

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    2 Months (50 study & practice hours)
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    6 Live Practice & Supervision Online Classes
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    Private Facebook LPHC Support Community
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    Practice classes with supervision
  • check-square-o
    Personal attention and support via our LPU faculty

Certifications & CPD/CEU

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    Certified as a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Method and Health Coach
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    120 Continuous Education Units (CPD)
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    After certification you can apply for the Lifestyle Prescriptions® Specialist Training and Certification
Lifestyle Prescriptions University

The Organ-Mind-Brain Connection Reference Charts

The cornerstone of Lifestyle Prescription® Protocols are the 13 Organ-Mind-Brain Connection reference charts. They will guide you to write effective and personalized Lifestyle Prescriptions®.

Like a laser you'll find your clients root-cause, emotions, conflicts and belief connections quickly and use proven micro-habit change techniques to increase engagement, compliance and health outcomes.

You'll receive 13 Organ-Mind-Brain Connection charts, 5 large format posters and Lifestyle Prescriptions® pad.

The charts are printed on high quality, glossy and never-tear paper which is ideal for daily use.

They include:

✓ 150+ Organ Tissues with Conflicts and Emotions 
✓ 1,000+ Stress and Regeneration Phase Symptoms
✓ Beautiful Organ images for easy reference 
✓ Major Points and Phases of Self-Healing
✓ Worksheets and Reference Charts

Chart Topics:

1. Points & Phases of Self-Healing

2. Organ-Mind-Brain Connection

3. Sensory Organ Tissue System

4. Skeletal Organ Tissue System

5. Digestive Organ Tissue System

6. Circulatory & Respiratory System

7. Endocrine, Excretory & Reproductive

8. Embryology: Brain Stem Organs

9. Embryology: Cerebellum & Medulla Organs

10. Embryology: Cerebral Cortex Organs

11. Sensitivity Reactions, Microbiome

12. The Power of Habit Change

13. Inspirational Chart

~ Take Your Practice To The Next Level ~

Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach Certification Training

Here're the 7 reasons why to train with us and join our exclusive global health professional community:

  1. Go beyond 'nutrition only' or 'emotions only' concepts.
  2. Find root-cause stressors, emotions & beliefs quickly.
  3. Radically improve results & health outcomes.
  4. Build confidence & competence.
  5. Become a leader in the new self-healing paradigm.
  6. Be different. Be unique. Follow your path of excellence.
  7. Build a successful business you'll love.

Apply now and we'll send you detailed training & pricing details including our extensive bonuses and tuition credits valued at over $1,700.

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That's What Our Students Say!

 Jo Trewartha

Halesowen, UK


I love Lifestyle Prescriptions ~ it's revolutionary. It assists me to understand both my own healing journey and that of my clients in a super fast way. Life changer. 

Dr. Stephane Provencher

 Dr. Stephane Provencher​​​​ 

Washington DC , USA


Lifestyle Prescriptions® allow me and my center to get to the root-cause of all issues so fast and breakdown the false patterns so easily. It is a life changing and an amazing tool! I am so grateful to be part of this innovative ways of looking at the root-causes analysis.

Christa Krahnert ND

 Christa Krahnert, ND

Gold Coast, Australia


he true causes of our chronic diseases are directly related to our lifestyle, stress and emotions. Finally, we are able to pursue genuine health promotion. I enjoyed the courses very much!

 Dr. Anton Bader 

Heilbronn, Germany


I use Lifestyle Prescriptions® in my practice and it's amazing to see the results with my patients.

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