2019 Lifestyle Prescriptions® University Conference

April 24-28, 2019 in Torremolinos, Costa del Sol Spain (near Malaga)

Our 2018 Conference was such an amazing community and learning experience (see photos below) that we've decided to set our 2019 Conference dates right away and expand to 5 days. Join us April 24-28, 2019 in Spain. Book now and take advantage of our Early Booking Special.

Join Lifestyle Prescriptions® and META-Health Practitioners from around the world in beautiful and sunny Benalmadena Costa del Sol, Spain and learn from master trainers and experts in the Art and Science of Self-Healing and Body-Mind-Social Root-Cause Analysis. Improve your health professional skills and use these 5 days for personal transform and self-healing. We’ll have a great time, enjoy the sun and rejuvenate in the Mediterranean Sea.

Learn. Experience. Transform. Enjoy!

Who will teach?
Johannes R. Fisslinger, Founder Lifestyle Prescriptions® University

Dr. Stephane Provencher, Chiropractic Doctor and Lifestyle Prescriptions® Specialist
Dr. Anton Bader, Intl. META-Medicine Association/META-Health Co-Founder
Christa Krahnert, Naturopath, Lifestyle Prescriptions® Specialist
More expert speakers will be announced over the next months (watch out for surprise speakers ....)

Who can attend?

Everyone interested in being the best root-cause based health coach, therapist or health professional possible.

What will you learn?
1. Deepen your META-Health Root-Cause Analysis Process.
2. Learn and practice Lifestyle Prescriptions® Self-Healing Modalities & Techniques.

3. Protocols on how to use Microbiome and Nutrition for Self-Healing.
3. Learn and practice techniques like "Upgrading your Brain" or "Precision EFT"
4. Personal Transformation Sessions (resolve your own health issues and habits).

What will you get?
5 days of engaging, interactive and fun learning.
Lectures, in-depth workshops, yoga, beach, sun (and amazing food).
Meet your tribe and make friends for life.

Where is the conference?
At the beautiful and classic Pez Espada hotel in Torremolinos  just north of the Benalmadena Puerto Marina (Costa del Sol Spain) and a few minutes drive from Malaga International Airport. 

Where to stay?
A variety of low-cost to high end travel/accommodation packages are available on Expedia, TripAdvisor or other local travel sites. Register now and we'll send a confirmation email with more details and instructions where to book accommodation & flight packages.

What's your tax-deductible conference tuition?

$597 for the 5-Day Conference including all lectures, workshops and our amazing community


Register now and you'll receive 10 ThermoBuzzer Imaging Scans during the conference (a $135 value) for FREE.

Get your conference ticket now and when you book an advanced Lifestyle Prescriptions University Training in 2018 we'll credit the full conference ticket towards your new training.

Want to pay in EURO? Need discounted partner or group tickets? Got Questions? 


Impressions from our 2018 Conference

Dr. Stephane (Awesome...)

Dr. Anton Bader ...

Personal transformations ...

Practice on the pool/sun

Lifestyle Prescriptions META-Health Conference Spain 2018

Beautiful and happy ...

Lifestyle Prescriptions META-Health Conference Spain 2018

Fun dinners with friends

Lifestyle Prescriptions META-Health Conference Spain 2018

Classy Pez Espada Hotel

Lifestyle Prescriptions META-Health Conference Spain 2018

ThermoBuzzer Scans

Lifestyle Prescriptions META-Health Conference Spain 2018

Personal, supportive speakers

Lifestyle Prescriptions META-Health Conference Spain 2018

Yoga on the beach

Lifestyle Prescriptions META-Health Conference Spain 2018

Relaxing with friends

Lifestyle Prescriptions META-Health Conference Spain 2018

International community ...

Lifestyle Prescriptions META-Health Conference Spain 2018

Direct access to presenters

Lifestyle Prescriptions META-Health Conference Spain 2018

Watch dolphins

Lifestyle Prescriptions META-Health Conference Spain 2018

Stroll along beautiful beaches

That's What Attendees Said

Cindy Galvin, Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach, ThermoBuzzer Peak Performance Specialist

I'd like to give some feedback: What an amazing and eventful 4 days of immersion in Lifestyle Prescriptions, that was enriching and insightful for both myself and Ray.
Dr. Anton, Christa and Dr. Awesome! were inspirational and I could have listened to them for an eternity. Their knowledge and wisdom is outstanding. Christa was fantastic in sharing her depth of knowledge in Cancer and some amazing protocols. Avnita shared her heart passion on getting out there and helping others.
Johannes, as always remains as passionate as ever in sharing Lifestyle Prescriptions so we can all help others on their journeys toward health. And addressing unresolved emotional hurts! Johannes is a Pioneer!
I found Thermobuzzer Imaging fascinating and self assuring for myself personally and know that clients will love it too.
I'm eighteen years + in the field of Energy Psychology and still learning and evolving! I know that Lifestyle Prescriptions is a vital part of our work and I'm already looking forward to next year.

Aisling Killoran, Energy Psychology and Lifestyle Prescriptions® Fertility Expert

This morning I woke up after a great conference with great people and content and my right eye was partially stuck shut! 
I took a breath and thought what could this mean META-Health wise? Hmmm, I'm right wired, so my dominant side - to do with my work and the organ is my eye - is it the skin around or the eyelids? Ahhh, I know what it is - I'm missing all the people from the conference. 

I'm so grateful for Johannes and all the people speaking at the conference. Thank you!

Cindy Hubka, Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach

Kim Knight Kiwi Health Detective

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