2019 Lifestyle Prescriptions® University Conference

April 24-28, 2019 in Torremolinos, Costa del Sol Spain (near Malaga Spain)

Radical Transformations using Advanced Health Coaching, Root-Cause Analysis and Self-Healing Techniques & Protocols.

Our 2018 Conference was such an amazing community and learning experience (see photos below) that we've decided to expand to 5 days and include more expert presenters. Join us April 24-28, 2019 in Spain, book now and take advantage of our Early Booking Special and excellent flight/hotel packages.

Join Lifestyle Prescriptions® Practitioners, Faculty & Trainers from around the world in beautiful and sunny Benalmadena Costa del Sol, Spain and learn from master trainers and experts in the Art and Science of Self-Healing and Organ-Mind-Brain Root-Cause Analysis & Self-Healing Techniques and Protocols. 

Improve your health professional & coaching skills and use these 5 days for personal transform and self-healing. And you’ll have a great time, enjoy the sun and rejuvenate in the Mediterranean Sea.

Learn. Experience. Transform. Enjoy!

View the speaker schedule here.

Who can attend?

Everyone interested in being the best root-cause based health coach, therapist or health professional possible.

What will you learn?
1) Find Root-Cause Stress Triggers, Emotions, Beliefs quickly.
2) Learn and practice Lifestyle Prescriptions® protocols.

3) Learn and deepen root-cause based modalities & techniques.
4) Personal Transformation Sessions (resolving your own health issues).

What will you get?
5 days of engaging, interactive and fun learning.
Lectures, in-depth workshops, yoga, beach, sun (and amazing food).
Meet your tribe and make friends for life.

Where is the conference?
At the beautiful and classic Pez Espada Beach hotel in Torremolinos  just north of the Benalmadena Puerto Marina (Costa del Sol Spain) and a few minutes drive from Malaga International Airport. 

Where to stay?
A variety of low-cost to high end travel/accommodation packages are available on Expedia, TripAdvisor or other local travel sites. Register now and we'll send a confirmation email with more details and instructions where and how to book accommodation & flight packages.

What's your tax-deductible conference tuition?

$597 for the 5-Day Conference including all lectures, workshops and our amazing community

CE/CPD Continuous Education Credits

You'll receive 15 CPD/CE points for attending this conference.

Conference Schedule

You're going to learn cutting-edge skills, practice and start your own healing journey ... and most important be part of an empowering and fun group of passionate individuals.

  • Lifestyle Prescription® Root-Cause Analysis | Johannes R. Fisslinger (2 hours)
    Discover the 3 essential keys to find the root-cause stress triggers, emotions, beliefs and lifestyle habits affecting your clients (and yourself).
  • Words Create Worlds | Cindy Galvin (2 hours)
    How to use hypnotic language patterns and suggestions, induce a trance in clients plus a live transformation session to build your confidence in being a successful therapists.
  • The Quantum-Neuro-Biology Therapy Technique | Johannes R. Fisslinger (3 hours)
    Learn how to use this brand-new, root-cause and eye-pattern based self-healing technique by instantly resetting habitual triggers [neuro], unresolved emotional hurts and limiting beliefs [quantum] and allowing your body [biology] to heal and shine.
  • Serious Healing Peaks | Dr. Anton Bader (2 hours)
    Learn from a medical doctor and Lifestyle Prescription® Specialist how to handle coronary, myocardium (heart attack), liver (coma), Muscles (seizures) and other emergency situations.
  • Cancer Survival Personality Traits | Lucinda Rost
    Beautiful stories of self-healing and how you can teach your clients the key personality traits of cancer survivors.
  • Fertility and Women's Health Issues | Aisling Killoran
    Aisling has helped countless women with fertility and other women's issues and she'll share her secrets
    using a variety of techniques and helping couples identify and address mental, emotional factors which affect fertility.
  • Self-Care for Practitioners | Susan Gardner (1 hour)
    How to keep your energy high and not burning out while running a busy practice.
  • ThermoBuzzer Imaging | Johannes R. Fisslinger (2 hours)
    Discover the power of infrared thermography imaging and its applications for your practice. If you're using ThermoBuzzer or not, this is going to be an enlightening workshop into the sympathetic and parasympathetic patterns of our autonomous nervous system and how it applies to your work with clients.
  • Lifestyle Prescription® Language Skills | Dr. Stephane Provencher (2 hours)
    Improve your language skills to get to the root-cause quickly and reframe core personality beliefs essential for self-healing to take place.
  • Microbiome, Mitochondria and Self-Healing | Christa Krahnert
    Christa will share her wisdom about the importance of the microbiome and how our mitochondria is the powerhouse of every cell in our body.
  • Why it's essential to find Root-Causes? | Cindy Hubka (1 hour)
    Cindy, an avid story teller, will share her experience and several client cases that show why we need to find the root-causes and deal with them at its core.
  • Lifestyle Prescription® with Functional Medicine | Dr. Stephane Provencher (3 hours)
    You'll discover how Dr. "Awesome" integrates Lifestyle Prescription® with Functional Medicine, blood tests and more.
  • Q&A Session | Dr. Awesome and Dr. Bader
  • How to teach clients (and learn for yourself) not to be afraid of feelings | Kim Knight (1 hour)
    We can often overlook the essential first steps in emotional management, such as how to identify what we are feeling (including teaching clients how to do this) and how to face and release uncomfortable emotions without fear or resistance. You'll learn the 5 steps to emotional awareness and how to use your 3 brains (head, heart and gut) in order to interpret what your body intelligence is saying to you via emotional feedback.
  • The Upgrading The Brain Process | Dr. Stephane Provencher (3 hours)
    In his busy practice Dr. Stephane realized that the majority of diseases are affected by "unresolved emotional hurts" and limiting beliefs. By reframing the limiting belief and releasing the unresolved emotional energy the body will return to it's natural state of balance using it's innate healing intelligence. The 'Upgrading The Brain' Technique, which is based on Quantum Medicine, Neuroscience, and Lifestyle Prescriptions®, will teach you how to do just that.
  • Energy Healing and Longevity | Prof. Kulikova

The conference will begin April 24, 2019 at 14.00 and conclude April 28, 2019 at 16.00.

More speakers and topics will be added soon.

Valid until April 15, 2019

Register now and you'll receive 10 Thermo Buzzer Imaging Scans during the conference (a $135 value) for FREE. 

Your tax-deductible conference ticket and tuition is $597.

If you have a coupon code click REGISTER NOW and enter the code.

You'll also receive 15 CPD / CE POINTS for attending the conference.

Want to pay in EURO? Need discounted partner or group tickets? Got Questions? 


Study with us. Book any Lifestyle Prescriptions University Training in 2019 and we'll send you 2 complementary conference ticket (a $1,194 value). Ask us how!

Plan ahead. The conference is approaching soon:


Impressions from Our 2018 Conference

Lifestyle Prescriptions META-Health Conference Spain 2018Expert presenters & speakers

Lifestyle Prescriptions META-Health Conference Spain 2018Study and learn new skills

Lifestyle Prescriptions META-Health Conference Spain 2018Personal transformations

Lifestyle Prescriptions META-Health Conference Spain 2018Beautiful hotel & beach front

Lifestyle Prescriptions META-Health Conference Spain 2018Enjoying each others company

Lifestyle Prescriptions META-Health Conference Spain 2018Fun memories ...

Lifestyle Prescriptions META-Health Conference Spain 2018Classy Pez Espada Hotel

Lifestyle Prescriptions META-Health Conference Spain 2018Get your ThermoBuzzer Scan

Lifestyle Prescriptions META-Health Conference Spain 2018Dr. Bader in action

Lifestyle Prescriptions META-Health Conference Spain 2018Yoga on the beach

Lifestyle Prescriptions META-Health Conference Spain 2018Make like-minded friends

Lifestyle Prescriptions META-Health Conference Spain 2018International community ...

Lifestyle Prescriptions META-Health Conference Spain 2018Direct access to presenters

Lifestyle Prescriptions META-Health Conference Spain 2018Watch dolphins

Lifestyle Prescriptions META-Health Conference Spain 2018Stroll along beautiful beaches

That's What Attendees Said

Cindy Galvin, Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach, ThermoBuzzer Peak Performance Specialist

I'd like to give some feedback: What an amazing and eventful 4 days of immersion in Lifestyle Prescriptions, that was enriching and insightful for both myself and Ray.
Dr. Anton, Christa and Dr. Awesome! were inspirational and I could have listened to them for an eternity. Their knowledge and wisdom is outstanding. Christa was fantastic in sharing her depth of knowledge in Cancer and some amazing protocols. Avnita shared her heart passion on getting out there and helping others.
Johannes, as always remains as passionate as ever in sharing Lifestyle Prescriptions so we can all help others on their journeys toward health. And addressing unresolved emotional hurts! Johannes is a Pioneer!
I found Thermobuzzer Imaging fascinating and self assuring for myself personally and know that clients will love it too.
I'm eighteen years + in the field of Energy Psychology and still learning and evolving! I know that Lifestyle Prescriptions is a vital part of our work and I'm already looking forward to next year.

Aisling Killoran, Energy Psychology and Lifestyle Prescriptions® Fertility Expert

This morning I woke up after a great conference with great people and content and my right eye was partially stuck shut! 
I took a breath and thought what could this mean What's the cause? Hmmm, I'm right wired, so my dominant side - to do with my work and the organ is my eye - is it the skin around or the eyelids? Ahhh, I know what it is - I'm missing all the people from the conference. 

I'm so grateful for Johannes and all the people speaking at the conference. Thank you!

Cindy Hubka, Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach

Kim Knight Kiwi Health Detective

Travel Information

The nearest airport is Malaga which is only 20 minutes from the conference hotel. Many low cost carriers serve this airport, the best place to find flights is www.skyscanner.net, www.expedia.com or other travel websites.

We suggest to search for a bundle deal (flight and hotel).

With all flights, the further in advance you book, the cheaper it will be. Return flights from London to Malaga for example can be found for around £100 / $120. 

Hotel Bookings
The conference is at Hotel Pez Espada, Torremolinos/Benalmadena, double rooms here are about £80 / $100 per night including breakfast for a single room. Use Trivago.com, expedia.com for hotel bookings, if you enter Torremolinos into the search box you'll get lots of options from a very reasonable £30 per night and up.

In the past delegates have posted in our Student Facebook groups to coordinate travel plans and hotel bookings. 

Getting from the airport
You have several options -

  • Taxi for 20-25 Euros. Easy to book at the airport.

  • Train for 2 Euros. You can get to the Malaga airport train station in front of Terminal T3. At the entrance and on your right you'll find vending machines to buy your train ticket. The platform on the right is for Torremolinos.

  • Bus for 4 Euros. The bus stops outside Hotel Pez Espada so convenient if you're staying there. 

Everywhere around Benalmadena is walking distance so it's not necessary to hire a car.


Uber operates on the Costa del Sol so you might want to download the app before you go. 

Anything else you’d like assistance with just let us know, can't wait to see you next soon.

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