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Lifestyle Prescriptions Boot-Camp

Lose Weight. Increase Vitality. Heal Body-Mind.

The next Lifestyle Prescriptions® Boot-Camp will start Summer 2018.

Break Your Unhealthy Habits

Your heart beat, breathing, blood flow and over 80% of your behaviors are regulated or influenced by automated, unconscious habits. Even your symptoms are a reflection of your lifestyle habits.

The good news is: You can change your habits!

During the 3-month Lifestyle Prescriptions® Boot-Camp you'll develop new and healthy habits. You'll eat high nutrient foods. You'll stress less and feel empowering emotions and thoughts. Your relationships and your connection to yourself will deepen and you'll feel more love & support in your life.

Your Boot-Camp Support Team

You'll be supported by the  Lifestyle Prescriptions® Boot-Camp faculty including:

Johannes R. Fisslinger,
Founder Lifestyle Prescriptions®

Annie Gedye Lifestyle Prescriptions Foundation

Annie Gedye,
Lifestyle Prescriptions® Specialist

Christa Krahnert ND

Christa Krahnert ND,
Naturopathic Doctor 

Dr. Stephane Provencher

Dr. Stephane Provencer, 

Christa Krahnert ND

Our Lifestyle Prescriptions® Specialist Team


Bernie siegel MD

Bernie Siegel MD, one of the early pioneers in Mind-Body and Lifestyle Medicine and author of the groundbreaking book "Love, Medicine & Miracles" is joining our faculty and will teach a boot-camp class July 26 and answer your questions!

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Use The Power Of Lifestyle Medicine

Transform your health through the use of low- tech, high-impact lifestyle based health coaching.


Strengthen your physical body, build mental, emotional and spiritual resilience with 
appropriate fitness, breathing and mindfulness tools.


Learn effective and simple techniques to reduce the impact of stress, negative emotions and limiting beliefs.


Discover your personal diet, use Food as Medicine, and also nourish your mind & soul.


Increase love, social support and deeper connections to allow you to feel better, live longer and happier.

Improve 1% Every Day

The 2017 Lifestyle Prescriptions® Boot-Camp Schedule

FREE CLASS #1: Lifestyle Prescriptions® Boot-Camp - Do-It-Yourself

  • Self-Healing Strategies
    Learn 4 lifestyle modifications you can do for yourself to drastically improve your vitality, physical health & mental focus.
  • Organ-Mind-Social Connection
    Discover which specific emotions, beliefs and stressor are affecting your organ symptoms.
  • The Two-Phases of Self-Healing
    Become aware of the two-phases of self-healing, the importance of the fight-flight response and how you can support self-healing instead of working against it.
  • Your first Lifestyle Prescription®
    You'll receive your first lifestyle prescription focused on awareness of the body-mind-social connection and the two-phases of self-healing.

WEEK 1: Motivation & Basics

  • What's your motivation to heal?
    Discover your true motivation and define your intention and your boot-camp goals and receive a set of Lifestyle Prescriptions® with non-negotiable habit improvements related to food, mindfulness and fitness.
  • Successful Habit Change Skills
    We show you easy steps of how to continuously improve your habits in any area of life. Once you know, it's easy to spot "negative" habits and transform them into empowering behaviors.

WEEK 2: Stress Triggers

  • Discover Your Stress Triggers
    In our live classes and with the support of health coaches you'll find your stress triggers and learn how to change your unconscious habits and behaviors.
  • Increase Awareness
    We practice mindfulness and awareness strategies to become aware of your stress triggers.

WEEK 3: Emotions

  • Releasing Negative Emotions
    Isn't it about time to let go of emotions that drag you down and create stress in your body? We'll show you how using a powerful energy psychology technique.
  • Forgiveness And Letting Go
    Use our simple forgiveness and heart balancing techniques to free yourself from old memories, attachments and dependencies.

WEEK 4: Beliefs

  • Update Your Beliefs
    "I am not good enough", "I am a bad mother/father", "Life is hard" ... all these limiting beliefs affect our health and well send you on a journey to reboot your beliefs and internal operating system.
  • Becoming the Observer
    Most of our thoughts are unconscious and just seem to appear in our "mind-brain". You'll learn how to create distance between your thoughts and "YOU" and become the observer.

WEEK 5: Nutrition

  • Your Personal 80/20 Nutrition Diet
    Diets don't work. But finding 'your' diet does. Our common sense approach (without fear and all about pleasure) will help you find the right balance and charge your body's mitochondria with high nutrient and high quality foods.
  • Life Energy, Qi & Breathing
    Food is not the only source of energy. We'll teach you easy to use breathing techniques guaranteed to increase your life force which in turn will help your body and brain enter peak performance mode.

WEEK 6: Fitness

  • Strengthen your Body & Organs
    Did you know that you can strengthen not just your muscles but all organs in your body. Discover which type of exercise works best for you and develop your unique fitness habits.
  • Mindful Fitness
    Working out hard is one way to exercise. But once you include mindfulness and awareness, your perception of your body will change. We teach you yoga type of exercises that include movement, breath & awareness.

WEEK 7: Social Connection & Love

  • Conflicts, Environmental Stressors
    Our living environment and our relationships play a powerful role in our health and you'll explore ways to remove toxic situations and increase health benefiting influences instead.
  • Increase Love & Support
    Love is a state of consciousness and one of the most transformational and life-empowering states of being you can experience. Learn how to create inner love and attract outer love.

WEEK 8-9: Personal Growth

  • Personalized Attention
    We look into reasons why you still have trouble making lifestyle changes, letting go or forgiving. You'll work with a health coach personally or in a group to take a huge step forward.
  • Raising Consciousness
    Lifestyle Prescriptions® are not just about the Body-Mind-Social Connection but allow you to use your body's wisdom and intelligence to increase awareness and use it as a tool for personal growth and deeper presence.

WEEK 10-12: Integration

  • Fun And More Fun!
    By now you will have experienced many positive shifts and improvements in your life and we continue to deepen and integrate them and go to the next level of healing & joy.
  • Heartfelt Joy
    We'll close the boot-camp by focusing on what really makes your heart sing, what gets you excited to get up in the morning and inspires a deeply felt sense of happiness.

How To Register For The Boot-Camp

How much is it worth to you to feel healthier, happier and full of energy!
Treat yourself to something special. You are worth it. You are in charge of your health and vitality.

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3 months of focused habit improvements. That's what we offer. No added bonuses, refunds or other distractions. We want you to be committed and dedicated. Attending the boot-camp will improve the quality of your life. You just have to decide if this is what you really want! 

This Boot-Camp Is For You. You Can Do It. 

Here's What You'll Receive!

  • 12 Live Classes over 3 months (24 hours)
    This is not a typical online course where you study for yourself. No. We spend quality time with you, answer your questions and help you with your challenges on your journey.
  • Personal attention from health coaches
    We'll see and hear what bothers you and will evaluate how we can help you through individually or small group sessions.
  • Empowering Support Group
    Ask questions, talk to fellow boot-campers and get your daily dose of inspirations and supportive tips and tricks to stay on the path.
  • Convenient & Mobile
    You can attend the live classes via PC, mobile or phone, listen to replays again and again. We are making it very easy for you to participate and maximize your time and benefits from the boot-camp.
  • Amazing Facilitators & Specialists
    Our boot-camp facilitators and health coaches are experts in lifestyle prescriptions, root-cause analysis & solutions you can actually use and do.
  • Newest Transformational Techniques
    We use the newest research and tools in nutrition, stress management, energy psychology and habit change.
  • Affordable & Doable!
    You get incredible value and we guarantee that your Lifestyle Prescriptions® are possible to integrate into your life. You can do it!

The LIVE CLASSES will be Wednesday’s @ 3pm EST | 8 UK starting July 19 until October 4, 2017.
Naturally, you can replay all classes and access all course materials inside our LPTV student portal.

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