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Lifestyle Prescriptions® 
3-Months Boot-Camp

Self-Healing Made Easy

Discover a Revolutionary New Healing Paradigm and radically transform your health and life with the Art and Science of Self-Healing and root-cause based Quantum Habits.

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Self-Healing is easy if you know the WHY and the HOW.

"My hip pain disappeared just after one Lifestyle Prescriptions® Consultation."

Denver J. Hudson, USA

I use Lifestyle Prescriptions® in my practice and it's amazing to see the results with my patients.

Dr. Anton Bader, Germany

"I love  Lifestyle Prescriptions® ~ it's revolutionary. 

Jo Trewartha, UK

Yasmine Farouk

"Muscle pains, headaches & migraines all gone. Life changer".

Yasmine Farouk, Dubai

What are Lifestyle Prescriptions®?

Lifestyle Prescriptions Pad

A Lifestyle Prescription® is a written contract with yourself and a commitment to follow through on a specific habit.

Lifestyle Prescriptions® are being used by health professionals around the world and now you can take advantage of them in this life-transforming course.

Lifestyle Prescriptions® focus on the root-causes of symptoms and use Quantum Habits to radically transform your health and lifestyle.

Lifestyle Prescriptions® help you stay on track and follow through.

What are Quantum Habits?

Quantum Habits run 80% of your life and are essential for your survival; and they are the key to health, personal growth and conscious living. 

Like the operating system of a smartphone running the majority of “background” functions without our conscious awareness, Quantum Habits™ are in charge of our biological and physiological functions including breathing, blood flow, digestion, hormones and symptoms like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, pain, indigestion, depression, anxiety and even cancer.​

Whenever you experience a symptom (body, mind) or are unhappy with certain emotions, thoughts and behaviors, a Quantum Habit is at work.

The good news is: You can consciously design your Quantum Habits.

Once you do consciously design your Quantum Habits they will improve the quality of your life and transform your Health, Fitness, Relationships, Career, Finances, Parenting, Spirituality and Life Passion.

Your Root-Causes. The WHY and HOW.

6 Root-Cause(s) of all disease illness

Without knowing what's really causing, triggering or affecting your symptoms it's extremely difficult to create quick and sustainable results.

That's what makes Lifestyle Prescriptions® so unique because you'll become aware of your WHY and your specific 6 root-causes.

You'll also learn about the two-phases of self-healing and why they help you break the chronic cycle.


Yes there are accidents, toxins, genes, risk factors. But in most cases they don't explain symptoms.


Unless you know what's triggering you into stress how can you break the vicious chronic cycle.


Unresolved emotional hurts are fueling your symptoms. It's time to release these energies.


I am not good enough; There's nothing I can do ....... Change your thoughts will make healing easy.


The impact of your relationships and environment is way more powerful than you think.


Without vitality and a strong immune system your body won't have the energy to heal and thrive.

If you can improve 1 % each day then this course is for YOU.

The Lifestyle Prescriptions® 2019 Boot-Camp Lessons include:


Lifestyle Prescriptions®

  • The Art and Science of Self-Healing
    Why are health professionals raving about this revolutionary new healing paradigm?
  • The 6 Root-Causes of Symptoms
    Which specific stress triggers, emotions, beliefs and lifestyle habits affect your personal symptoms?
  • The 9 Major Points and Phases of Self-Healing
    Why are your symptoms chronic? Are your symptoms appearing in the stress or regeneration phase?
  • The 3-Step Lifestyle Prescription® Process
    Three transformational steps: Root-Cause Analysis; Lifestyle Prescriptions® Protocols and Quantum Habits.

Quantum Habits

  • The 4-Step Habit Loop
    Become aware of your triggers, cravings, responses and the unconscious rewards of your Quantum Habits.
  • Quantum Habits for Self-Healing
    Heal your body and mind with proven Lifestyle Prescriptions® self-healing protocols.
  • Quantum Habits for Longevity
    Do you just want to be healthier or do you want to live longer and raise the quality of your life?
  • Quantum Habits for Peak Performance
    Be more successful in your business, relationships and live your dreams.

Write 10 Personal Lifestyle Prescriptions®

  • Align your values
    Become deeply aware of your values and what you really want in life and lay the foundation for living your dreams.
  • Update your beliefs
    Reframe reactive, automated thoughts to conscious, creative thoughts and practice "energy follows thoughts".
  • Release unresolved emotional hurts
    Learn a deeply healing process to let go of emotional energies from the past and start to increase your positive and empowering emotions.
  • Transform your conflicts & stressors
    Notice the conflict and the specific stress triggers affecting your health and life and learn how to transform them into empowering Quantum Habits.
  • Eat for longevity (not survival)
    The scientific evidence is clear. Charge your body's mitochondria with high nutrient and high quality foods and add quality years to your life.
  • Mindful workout
    Working out hard is one way to exercise. But add mindfulness and your perception of your body and your inner and outer strength will deepen.
  • Gratitude
    Use our deeply transformational forgiveness and heart balancing techniques to increase prosperity by deepening your gratefulness "muscle".
  • Increase love & support
    Learn how to build meaningful relationships and connections. Create inner love and attract outer love.
  • Surprise Lifestyle Prescriptions® #9
    You won't forget this Lifestyle Prescriptions®, it's deeply focused on increasing happiness and spiritual connections.
  • Surprise Lifestyle Prescriptions® #10
    You'll love this one ... helping you establish a life-long habit of learning and conscious growth.

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5 Boot-Camp 

Join with up to 5 family members or friends. It's much more fun and you'll get better results.

You'll receive:

  • 5 Boot-Camp Tickets
  • 5 "The 6 Root-Cause(s) Of All Symptoms" Books
  • 10 highly effective Lifestyle Prescriptions® 
  • Empowering Support Group
  • Easy-to-apply protocols
  • Personal attention from our certified Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaches

Course Tuition: $1,995

$197 for 5 Tickets

1 Boot-Camp 

You'll receive 1 ticket for yourself with a promise to move towards health, longevity and peak performance.

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    10 highly effective Lifestyle Prescriptions® 
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    Empowering Support Group
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    Easy-to-apply protocols

Course Tuition: $399

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We promise 3 months of focused Quantum Habit improvements, huge learnings and a fun and empowering community. That's what we offer.

We expect your commitment and dedication. No added bonuses, refunds or other distractions. Attending the boot-camp will improve the quality of your life. You just have to decide if this is what you really want! 

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Your Boot-Camp Support Team

You'll be supported by the Lifestyle Prescriptions® University faculty including:

Johannes R. Fisslinger,
Founder Lifestyle Prescriptions® University; Author The 6 Root-Causes of all Symptoms

Annie Gedye Lifestyle Prescriptions Foundation

Annie Gedye, Energy Psychology and Bowen Master Practitioner;
Lifestyle Prescriptions® Specialist

Christa Krahnert ND

Christa Krahnert ND,
Naturopathic Doctor, Lifestyle Prescriptions® Specialist

Dr. Stephane Provencher

Dr. Stephane Provencer, 
BS, DC, FIM, DICS, CKTP; Lifestyle Prescriptions® Specialist

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