The Freedom of being a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach

We’ve not written much about the lifestyle freedom that becoming a health coach can give you and I wanted to address that.

If you’ve recently watched Johannes 3 part video series then you’ll already have a good understanding of how the Lifestyle Prescription® Method works. One of the massive benefits of these revolutionary, root-cause based protocols are that they work just as well via a video link as in person.

What this means is freedom.

Freedom from overheads and the expense of running an office, as many of our graduates have chosen, or location freedom which can really expand your horizons.

So what exactly is the Lifestyle Prescriptions® Method? Johannes has spend the last 20 years perfecting a step-by-step process to find the 6 root-cause(s) of all symptoms quickly and then use lifestyle prescription self-healing protocols to radically improve your own and clients health.

What we’re offering is an an entire health coaching system that can be used with any health issue, its straightforward, extremely precise, and it works. Because it’s so focused, it can be delivered from anywhere, so all you need to start your business is somewhere private to work with an internet connection – meaning you can start right away.

I have firsthand experience of location independence and of juggling a business alongside children and the demands of a busy life. So if the thought of running a mobile Lifestyle Prescription® Health Coaching business lights you up then please get in touch for a chat:

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Emma Patricio