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WEBINAR: ThermoBuzz your practice – Monitor results & magnetically attract new clients!

Discover the power of ThermoBuzzer Imaging and how you can instantly monitor infrared heat patterns, see the results of your work and magnetically attract new clients.

Live Webinar with Johannes R. Fisslinger, Founder Lifestyle Prescriptions University

Instantly show your clients infrared heat patterns and “stressed” organs, acupressure & trigger points with ThermoBuzzer Thermography Imaging.

  1. Magically attract new clients.
  2. Monitor the effectiveness of your work.
  3. Empower and motivate your clients.
  4. Integrate Lifestyle Prescriptions® Protocols.
  5. Add additional income stream.

ThemoBuzzer Thermography Imaging with Lifestyle Prescriptions
Shoulder & Back Pain

ThemoBuzzer Thermography Imaging with Lifestyle Prescriptions

Liver stress, Intestine underfuction

ThemoBuzzer Thermography Imaging with Lifestyle Prescriptions

Stress in Tonsils, Thyroid, Lymph

ThemoBuzzer Thermography Imaging with Lifestyle Prescriptions

Hand Acupressure Points

ThemoBuzzer Thermography Imaging with Lifestyle Prescriptions

Foot Acupressure Points

ThemoBuzzer Thermography Imaging with Lifestyle Prescriptions

Tennis Elbow, Strain

ThemoBuzzer Thermography Imaging with Lifestyle Prescriptions

Hand Acupressure Points

ThemoBuzzer Thermography Imaging with Lifestyle Prescriptions

Suggested Annual Breast Scans

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ThermoBuzzer Mobile Thermography – FAQ







What is Thermography?

Thermography is a technology that uses specialized cameras that are sensitive to the infrared spectrum of light (electromagnetic energy). These high resolution cameras sense the infrared heat being emitted from the body and generate a digital image which can be viewed and analysed. Thermography is used in construction, aerospace, surveillance, military and medicine.

Is Thermography dangerous or are there side effects?

No. Thermography is an FDA approved adjunctive imaging procedure. It’s a non-invasive, non-contact screening procedure, there’s no radiation, it’s painless and completely safe. Similar to a normal camera, Thermography cameras “see” the infrared spectrum of light and heat that is emitted from the body.

Is there research showing the efficacy of Thermography?

Yes. There’re over 800 peer-reviewed breast thermography studies available which have shown that thermography can potentially detect imbalances in the body years before they show up as tumors or pathology. Here’s a list of some research findings:

Breast thermography and cancer risk prediction – 1980 M Gautherie, CM Gros – Cancer, Wiley Online Library
The important role of infrared imaging in breast cancer – 2000 Head JF, Wang F, Lipari CA, Elliott RL.  IEEE Eng Med Biol Mag
Efficacy of Computerized Infrared Imaging Analysis to Evaluate Mammographically Suspicious Lesions – 2003 AJR 180:263-269
* A comparative review of thermography as a breast cancer screening technique – 2009 Kennedy DA, Lee T, Seely D. Integr Cancer Ther
Effectiveness of a Noninvasive Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging System in the Detection of Breast Cancer – 2008 Am J Surg 196 (4) 523-6
Nondestructive Testing of the Human Breast: The Validity of Dynamic Stress Testing in Medical Infrared Breast Imaging – 2004, IEEE EMBS
Infrared Imaging of the Breast: Initial Reappraisal Using High-Resolution Digital Technology in 100 Successive Cases of Stage I and II Breast Cancer – 1998 Breast Journal Vol. 4-4

Why has Thermography not been widely accepted?

Mostly because it does not fit the current pathology model of medicine. Thermography has it’s strength in “true” prevention detecting imbalances early – often many years before illness shows up in the physical body.

What are hyper- and hypothermia?

Hyperthermia is an increased body temperature (indicated by red or white colors) vs. hypothermia which is lower body temperature (indicated by blue or black colors) on thermography images.


What symptoms can medical thermography detect?

Whenever there is an increased blood flow, metabolic activity and an imbalance of autonomic nervous system (sympathetic vs. parasympathetic) functioning then it will be visible through hyperthermia or hypothermia patterns.

Typical symptoms visible are:
Arterial inflammation
Artery and stroke screening
Digestive disordeers
Dental problems and TMJ
Inflammatory pain
Lymphatic issues
and many more…

Who can interpret medical thermography images for diagnosis and health care purposes?

Medical diagnosis which includes using thermography as an medical imaging tool can only performed by health care providers who are formally trained in clinical diagnosis like MD, DC, DO and in many cases hold credentials as board certified clinical thermographers.
However, this only applies to medical thermography diagnosis not to ThermoBuzzer Analysis which does NOT provide any medical diagnosis or pathology analysis.

Can thermography be used for breast health screening?

Absolutely, it should be used by every woman as a preventive tool to monitor breast health.

What are the advantages of thermography versus other diagnostic methods?

This is an FDA approved imaging procedure that shows physiological changes and has the powerful potential to become the “standard” preventive and lifestyle medicine imaging tool for doctors, therapists, health coaches and all health care professionals wanting to detect “imbalances” early and use lifestyle modifications and other therapeutic interventions to reverse chronic symptoms.


What is ThermoBuzzer™?

ThermoBuzzer™ is a cutting-edge mobile thermography technology combining non-invasive, non-contact infrared imaging with lifestyle medicine principles and lifestyle prescriptions® to visually demonstrate surface heat patterns, blood flow and stress imbalances in clients’.

Is ThermoBuzzer a medical diagnostics tool?

Because ThermoBuzzer™ is NOT used as a medical diagnostics device it’s the perfect educational, preventive monitoring system which can be used to increase client motivation and compliance in making lifestyle modifications in alignment with lifestyle prescription® health coaching.

What’s a typical ThermoBuzzer™ session and procedure?

A ThermoBuzzer image will be taken from the clients head (frontal, left and right) or from other body areas as decided upon. Depending on the body areas scanned the client may have to remove clothing (which can be done behind a curtain for privacy). The image created can then be used as part of the Lifestyle Prescriptions Health Coaching session to increase motivation and compliance for stress management & peak performance.

Typical ThermoBuzzer™ Scan are:
 One Body Region like head, breast or abdomen (5-8 images)
 Half-Body Scan (15-20 images)
 Full-Body Scan (25-30 images)

Watch our demo video or register for an upcoming webinar to see ThermoBuzzer™ in action and have all your questions answered.
Learn more at www.lifestyleprescriptions.TV

What features are included in the ThermoBuzzer™ software application?

Yes, it combines a high quality mobile infrared camera with a mobile software application especially developed for ease of use and for health professionals working daily with clients. Some of the features include:

Real-time thermal video imaging (5+ frames per second)
Thermal images (push one button)
Thermal color palettes especially designed for preventive scanning (grey scale, rainbow, etc.)
Each thermal image can be saved on the device with client name and comments
Thermal scan images can be shared via email and other applications
Print or share the ThermoBuzzer™ scan images including your comments
Display ThermoBuzzer™ on a TV or projector (optional)

If I want to use it for diagnostic, is it easy to send the picture to a thermography radiologist for interpretation?

All ThermoBuzzer™ images are exclusively stored (an encrypted for safety and security compliance) on your Android smartphone or tablet.
They can be shared with health professional colleagues for additional analysis or sent via email or file upload to the client (after you’ve received permission from the client to do so).

What is the distance between a client and the ThermoBuzzer™ System?

The client will stand about 1-3m (1 -9 feet) from ThermoBuzzer™ with the distance being adjusted to the type of body area scanned (for example if you want a closeup of the teeth then you narrow the distance between ThermoBuzzer™ and client).

What is the investment for the ThermoBuzzer™ Mobile Thermography System?

ThermoBuzzer™ is only available by participating in our research project (starting at $175/month). Ask Emma Patricio for pricing and product details and our $1,500 Research Credit:
Email: emma@lifestyleprescriptions.TV |
Book a day/time for a free consultation and phone call

What lease and financing options are available?

We work with leasing companies in US, UK, Germany and other countries. Monthly payment range start from $150 (36 months) to $250 (24 months) and depend on the personal circumstances. Apply now to get specific quotes.

Are there additional fees or royalties?

No, there are no ongoing fees or royalties or fees per usage. There are actually no ongoing expenses at all because the ThermoBuzzer™ is fully digital and you can take thousands (or ten of thousands) of scans without an additional expense

Can I take unlimited pictures?

Yes absolutely. Because the investment and overhead is very low, you can offer ThermoBuzzer™ services for a very reasonable fee and use it as often as needed with your clients.

What fees can you charge? What are the income possibilities?

Naturally the fees being charged for ThermoBuzzer Scans vary and no guarantee can be given. Typical industry rates for medical thermography are:
Single body area scans $150-300
Breast health scan $195-350
Full-body scans $395-700

Because ThermoBuzzer™ is NOT a medical devices and no medical diagnosis is provided the typical rates being charged are:
Single body area scans $37-97
Breast health scan $97-177
Full-body scans $197-297

Does insurance cover thermography?

Most insurance companies won’t cover ThermoBuzzer Scans because we do NOT provide any medical diagnosis. But we suggest to request reimbursement with your insurance company for stress management or wellness.
Some insurance companies may cover Breast Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging using this insurance code: DITI – CPT Code 93740).

What are some of the applications for ThermoBuzzer™ in a practice?

Analysis of stress levels and imbalances in the body
Monitoring a clients progress (preventive lifestyle modifications or therapies)
Demonstrating the effect of modalities or products (in real-time or through images)
Educational tool
Increase motivation and compliance
For marketing and business building (like events, client drives)


Which physical items & accessories are included?

ThermoBuzzer™ Mobile Thermography Infrared Camera
Protective camera case
Camera to smartphone/tablet micro usb cable
Table tripod for easy setup and operation
Smartphone/tablet and camera trip pod snap holder
 Exclusive ThermoBuzzer™ software application especially developed for ease-of-use and for integrative/natural health practitioners

The Android smartphone or tablet is not included.

What are the ThermoBuzzer infrared camera specifications?

High-resolution 384 X 288 infrared detector
High-sensitivity NETD: <50mK
High-resolution 110,000 pixel display
Pixel Pitch: 17㎛
Wavelength band : 8~ 14 ㎛
Scene range temperature : -10℃ ~ 150℃
Operating temperature : -10℃ ~ 50℃”
Interface: USB OTG, Micro USB
Weight: < 39g, with lens
Dimension: 47mm x 25mm x 16mm , without Lens

Wide view camera lens
Light weight, Small size system
Very low power consumption (charged via smartphone)
For Android Smartphone and Tablets

Which trainings and study materials are included?

Trainings included in the ThermoBuzzer™ Package are:

ThermoBuzzer™ Technician Online Training
Learn how to operate ThermoBuzzer in a variety of settings, produce high quality images including ethical and legal procedures to follow.
ThermoBuzzer™ Analysis Online Training
Learn how to analyse images, connect imbalances with specific organ tissue and conflict themes and how to work with clients using Lifestyle Prescriptions Analysis, the Organ-Mind-Brain Connection charts in combination with ThermoBuzzer.

Both trainings include extensive study materials, worksheets and charts.

In addition to above 2 ThermoBuzzer trainings we offer the 12-Month Lifestyle Prescriptions Health Coach Certification Training which will deepen your root-cause analysis & solution. Ask us for details.

Which warranty comes with the system?

Lifetime warranty and support for ThermoBuzzer™ software and trainings
1-year warranty for ThermoBuzzer™ Camera (replace or repair)
Emergency warranty, express shipment of replacement sensor ($399/year) is available upon request
Equipment insurance for loss, damage is recommended

The research project? Can you give me more details of whats involved?

Basically you’re asked to submit 30 client cases (anonymous and confidential) using a simple online form which will help us evaluate ThermoBuzzer™ imaging and it’s connection between root-cause stressors, conflict & emotions.
In exchange you’ll receive added training and you’ll be part of an exclusive group of health professionals and early adopters … most important you’ll become a ThermoBuzzer expert quickly.

I’m already a LPHC/META-Health practitioner, do I need to still do the full Thermobuzzer training?

No, even though we suggest to upgrade your META-Health skills using our advanced and precision-oriented Lifestyle Prescriptions Health Coach Certification Training but it’s not required.
You can use use ThermoBuzzer™ in your existing practice using the modalities you’ve learned already..
But we highly suggest that you complete the 3 training that come with ThermoBuzzer™ (and become certified):
ThermoBuzzer Technician
ThermoBuzzer Technician
Lifestyle Prescriptions® LPPRO Foundation Course

The better you are the more results you’ll create and the more clients you’ll have.

When I get the ThermoBuzzer™ unit can I start using it straight away?

Yes, absolutely you can start using ThermoBuzzer™ the same day. Operating ThermoBuzzer™ is very easy and you’ll learn the ins- and outs very quickly.
We do suggest that you become a real expert as a ThermoBuzzer™ Technician (operating the equipment and taking high quality images) and ThermoBuzzer™ Analysis (analyzing the images, combing them with Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Analysis and then integrating them into your existing practice.

Do you offer LIVE Trainings too?

Live training will be offered throughout the world, either 3-day ThermoBuzzer workshops or our annual conferences. Ask us for details.

I work with clients using Skype, does the Thermobuzzer™ work remotely, using video conferencing?

Using ThermoBuzzer™ with Skype is not possible because the imaging sensor measure the actual person’s infrared heat patterns and requires a person to be present. But you can use Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching and Root-Cause Analysis with the reference charts wonderfully via online consultations (on Skype or any other video/audio platform or via phone calls).

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