Superfoods – Hype or Fiction?

The media always chooses food or foods that are touted as the newest and greatest health food.

The latest examples of these are the ‘superfoods”.

Unfortunately, there is no one food that is going to make you healthy, fit or thin. Health is not just one thing. Health is not just high-carb or low-fat or plant-based.

Or SOS free or full of fiber. Or anti-oxidant rich.

A healthy diet that creates a healthy human needs to consist of a few simple things. You can lack calories and nutrient variety even when you are eating a berry diet full of antioxidants. Foods that are full of fiber need to have multiple, not just one, types of fiber in order to get the maximum benefits.

In addition, the examples of superfoods I provided aren’t actually all that great for you to begin with.

Coconut oil contains saturated fat. Açaí is not one of the top foods for antioxidants. Some super foods are dense and eating them every day may do more harm than good.

The foods that could actually be declared as super foods are fruits and green vegetables of a balanced diet. 

But what is more important than super foods are super emotions and super thoughts.

These are the root causes to many diseases and conditions. In order to assure a healthy body you need to pay attention to the “story”, sometimes created from a young age that may not be true.

This “story” can create havoc on your health.

I explain all these important pillars in a system I call “The RPH Method” that brings all these important aspects together in a book I wrote called “Second Chances – From Poor Health To Peak Performance”.

All 4 pillars of the system are clearly explained in the book that includes “Lifestyle Prescriptions®” that you can follow and implement to finally thrive with health and happiness.

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