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Ready for Spring Cleansing? 3 Easy Detox Plans!

At this time, many people are cleaning closets and garages to get rid of old items not needed anymore.

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We clean our home regularly to avoid dust and dirt buildup. We take showers and brush our teeth daily. But do we clean our inside Environmental and chemical toxins can build upon our skin, and showering (or washing our hands) removes them.  Internally we have toxin buildup also.

Springtime is a great time to do an internal cleanse.

I like to do planned cleansings at least twice a year.

Yes, our body does a daily detox, but at certain times we can support deeper tissues with an organized cleanse.  Here are a few simple recommendations I like to recommend to my clients.

There are many options for detox.  I usually begin by making sure the liver is working well, which affects just about all other detox areas like the colon, lungs, and kidneys. The Basic detox is a daily ritual often used to activate the liver every morning. Usually, this is called lemon water and served before meals to activate digestion.

Basic Daily Detox

1 Tablespoon of lemon in 8 oz of warm water (not cold water) every morning.

Here are my common recommendations for detox.

One is a liver cleanse drink from the Liver Rescue book by Anthony Williams. This drink has a tasty variety of anti-inflammatory fruits and vegetables.

Liver Cleanse Drink

Use a high powered blender to mix and then filter out the pulp with cheesecloth or strainer. Add water to the best consistency for you. Or you can use a juicer that will remove the pulp automatically.

  • 2 apples
  • 2 cups of pineapple pieces
  • 1 inch of chopped ginger root
  • 6 – 8” stalks of celery
  • 1 cup of parsley

Optional add-ins:

  • ½ cup cilantro – for heavy metal cleansing
  • 1 cup dandelion greens

Another option for additional internal deep cleaning is taking herbal extracts either as supplements or combined in a daily detox tea.  I like to get the 4 herbs in single organic tea bags and steep them in hot water together.

Detox Tea

1 teaspoon of each herb steeped in 2 cups of water and filter out. (Or use teabags of each herb.)

  • Burdock root
  • Red Clover
  • Dandelion
  • Nettle leaf
  • (Honey if needed for taste)

These herbs tend to be bitter tasting, that is why a little honey (less than 1 tablespoon per cup) may be needed.

If any of these detox ideas create a headache, especially on the top of your head, you do have toxins in your system that may be stuck. Drink more water, warm or hot is better than cold.  Then add the lemon water. Then gradually add watered-down liver cleanse drink or detox tea until your headache stops appearing.

  • Focused 10-day detox cleanses also incorporate a whole food diet, avoiding processed foods, or any foods with more than 4 ingredients listed on the label. The liver needs a rest from processing chemical toxins in boxed or bagged foods.
  • For a deeper 90+ day cleanse program, I recommend to my clients the True Cellular Detox protocol that adds supplements to a dietary plan. This metabolic program uses specific supplements to open up detox pathways that cause weight loss resistance and chronic fatigue. Two online tests measure your toxin level to notice improvements from the beginning to the completion.

The feeling of lightness following a detox program is a welcome benefit. Focusing just for a week or 10 days on a cleansing protocol can show you enough improvements that you may want to continue longer.

Jane Oelke, ND, PhD, LPHC
Natural Choices, Inc.