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11 Inspirational Lifestyle Prescription® Specialist Books

I had no idea. Well I did … After asking our Lifestyle Prescription® University graduates to send me a list of health related books they’ve written I got tons of replies.

Cancer, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Pain, Yoga, Hypnosis, Love, Golden Years Care … The Art & Science of Self-Healing, Root-Causes, Lifestyle Prescription® Health Coaching, Emotional Health, The Power of Beliefs and more …

Here’s a selection of book we can highly recommend. Considering the global situation it’s time to refocus and  program our minds with inspirational, educational and health-enhancing messages and book. Enjoy and SHARE!
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Lifestyle Prescription Self-Healing Made Easy Books
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Lifestyle Prescriptions® Book Series
Johannes R. Fisslinger, LPHCS
The 6 Root-Causes Of All Symptoms (FREE)
Unlock your body’s natural healing intelligence by becoming aware of your 6 root-cause(s) and how specific stressors, emotions, beliefs and lifestyle habits trigger your symptoms.
Based on the Art and Science of Self-Healing and Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy.

Organ-Mind-Brain-Yoga Lifestyle Prescriptions Self-Healing Made Easy
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Lifestyle Prescriptions® Book Series
Johannes R. Fisslinger, LPHCS
Organ-Mind-Brain Yoga | A Yoga Pose for every Organ  (FREE)
There’s a yoga pose for every organ in your body. Revitalize and strengthen specific organs by using the instructions outlines in this book which combines the Art and Science of Self-Healing, Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy and the ancient practice of regenerative yoga.
This reference book is the ideal companion book for all yoga teachers and yoga practitioners and easily integrated into existing practices.

Lifestyle Prescription Self-Healing Made Easy Books

Jane Oelke ND, PhD, LPHCS
Natural Blood Sugar Choices (Natural Health Choices Book)
Prevent diabetes by keeping your blood sugar in balance. Learn to use the Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load charts to choose foods that will not cause blood sugar imbalances.
See how heart disease, obesity, and even cancer are affected by blood sugar imbalances. See which type of diet works best for your blood sugar issues.

Lifestyle Prescription Self-Healing Made Easy Books

Jane Oelke ND, PhD, LPHCS
Natural Fibromyalgia Choices: Find the Cause and Heal the Symptoms
Natural Fibromyalgia Choices guides you with innovative quizzes and questions to help you understand the cause of your fibromyalgia pain. Pain is a signal that the body is lacking energy in the muscles. This book delivers hope to people with fibromyalgia showing effective ways to be free of this chronic hypersensitivity reaction. Discover how to reduce nervous system stress that is making your muscles cry out in pain.

Lifestyle Prescription Self-Healing Made Easy Books

Dr. Awesome Stephane Provencher, LPHCS
The Truth Behind the Subconscious Mind – Using Hypnosis to HACK your life
As you will discover in this book, hypnosis is a powerful treatment that can be used to help treat many common problems such as smoking addiction, overeating, and other eating disorders, phobias, and more.
Treating these personal issues can help people live more meaningful and enjoyable lives.

Dr. Nicole Francis-Cotton
Love Is Forever
In a world in which 49-51% of all marriages end in divorce; less people choose to be married; and others live a life of drudgery in their marriage.
It is refreshing to learn from someone who is 100 years, how she and her deceased husband fell in love in the midst of very challenging circumstances; stayed in love; raised a family in two geographic locations and maintained their love.

Lucinda Rost, M.A., PhD
Awakened By Cancer: Learning the ABCs to Healing (Volume 1)
In November 2012, Cindy received the devastating news – she had cancer. One year prior, her sister had also been diagnosed with cancer. Jolted and numb, she knew she had to make immediate changes in order to survive. She quit her CEO position and made her healing a full time job. After three years of ‘doing it her way’, she came out victorious with a clean bill of health and cancer-free.

Cindy Galvin, LPHCS
More to give – Stepping into your new life at any age
Are you over 50 and facing a crossroads in life? Feel you’re too old to change or don’t have time to start over? Think again. In this down-to-earth book, Cindy Galvin explains why it’s never too late to launch your next career. With cheeky wit, Cindy takes you on a journey with clients who transformed their lives by developing careers filled with purpose. She explains why it’s never been a better time to create the life you want.

Cindy Galvin, LPHCS
Our Infinite Power to Heal: 101 Inspirational Stories of Profound Healing from Within
The stories in this book include healing from physical illness, bipolar disorder, depression, divorce, financial breakdown, and other life challenges.
This book will provide you with the inspiration and hope you need to bring wellbeing and fulfillment to your life.

Kim Knight, LPHC, Kiwi Health Detective
The Essential Health Beliefs Guide (FREE)
Do you know your beliefs affect your health? Are your beliefs working for, or against, your health and wellbeing?
Discover how your BELIEFS unconsciously determine your choice of healthcare and the RESULTS you are likely to get!


Nigora Normatova
Wake Up! A 5-week self-healing self-loving journey
Are you tired of being tired? Fed up with just not feeling your best? In this book, health coach Nigora Normatova motivates people to say goodbye to old unhealthy eating habits that rob them of energy and make them ill.
It guides the reader step-by-step through a five-week program that can be easily integrated into everyday life and leads to a completely new diet and lifestyle.

Hazel Heath, RN, PhD
Older People and Mental Health Nursing: A Handbook of Care
Older People and Mental Health Nursing provides an evidence-based guide to caring for the growing number of older people with mental health issues. It focuses on the knowledge and key skills which practitioners require to work effectively with older people who have, or are at risk of developing, mental health needs.
Search for additional book written or edited by Hazel on Amazon.

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[Free Webinar + Download] Find Root-Cause Emotions & Stressors of 1,000+ Symptoms Quickly

Can I ask you a few questions (actually your clients will ask you these questions again and again):

  • Why do I still have a chronic skin rash (even if I eat healthy & exercise)?
  • What’s really causing it?
  • Why does the inflammation disappear, just to return a few weeks later?
  • What specific stress or emotion or thought is affecting my skin?
  • I’ve tried many therapies/modalities without success. Why?

What makes Lifestyle Prescriptions® so unique is that we’ve found a way to connect every organ tissue (like the skin-epidermis with hot, red, inflamed skin) with a very specific:

  • Stress Trigger (conflicts or traumatic events)
  • Unresolved emotional hurt
  • Belief (unconscious repetitive thoughts)
  • Social life situation
  • Lifestyle habits

To find these root-cause(s) quickly you can either rely on your intuition (which usually takes decades to develop) or use a science-based protocol we call Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Analysis.

This is not Louise Hay or the Mind-Body Connection …

Rather it’s based on biology, brain science, embryology, quantum medicine, our body’s self-healing intelligence … and our body being the seat of consciousness and directly linked with our mind and our surroundings.

Lifestyle Prescriptions® are revolutionary and new … because we combine the ability to find the root-cause(s) of 1,000+ symptoms with proven transformational and self-healing techniques, skills & technologies.

Our brand-new 3-Months Root-Cause Analysis Training will start in 14 days and I really want you to consider joining us. Think major milestone … you’ll learn all the skills you need to create miracles in your client’s life.

Start by watching our webinar training first.

Register for the webinar and you’ll receive the PDF template “50 organs and their emotional conflicts”.

Learn about our brand-new 3-Months Root-Cause Analysis Training

Did you know that about 40% of our Lifestyle Prescriptions University students have already a successful practice?

They absolutely love Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Analysis & Health Plans because it

  • saves them time,
  • helps them get better results …
  • and increases profitability and income.

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