Thermography to grow your business and confidence in yourself and with clients

The Thermobuzzer™ Mobile Thermography System has been unarguably one of the best investments I’ve made in my health practice. I knew from the moment I read about the infrared imaging camera that it would make a significant difference in the services I offer. What I hadn’t expected was the increased confidence it’s also given me as I also see the tangible evidence of how effective Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching is in reducing temperature differentials in the body, so long as my clients are committed to making the micro-changes in their diet, thinking and lifestyle that I recommend.

Clients pick up on our confidence levels, so this is another benefit.

The picture ThermoBuzzer Thermography Cindy Galvin London UKwas taken at one of the many events I speak at about Lifestyle Prescriptions® and the Thermobuzzer™.

Nearly one-third of those who listened to my presentation at this event came to my stand afterwards wanting to learn more.

Many booked Lifestyle Prescription® sessions with me and others either purchased, or are in the process of purchasing, the Thermobuzzer™ to use in their practice. The infrared camera was the big selling point in all instances, because people understood that they will see how the work benefits them.

From a health perspective, the more our clients see how effective the Lifestyle Prescription® process is on their health, the more committed they become. And, really, isn’t helping people live healthier lives what it’s all about?

The Thermobuzzer™ brings to the coaching visible evidence that can’t be denied. I’ve been seeing clients for Bowen Therapy for over 11 years and I’ve lost track of how many times they return reporting improvements, but failing to credit the therapy.  And this is understandable as the changes are often subtle. Absent anything else to prove otherwise, clients will naturally believe that it’s due to their body needing time to heal on its own. And it has … with a little help.

The beauty of Thermobuzzer™ Imaging is that it’s portable and non-invasive. I have grown my business with clients who are now booking for full-body scans every six months to once a year. They are getting their families to come and are spreading word to their friends.

I find it particularly useful to use with women for breast scanning. I’m very careful to spend time emphasizing that this is not a medical diagnosis and clients don’t seem to mind. They can see for themselves how their body reacts to the work we do together.

I also market a service for people working in high stress environments, talking with them about the impact of cortisol on their health and the long-term damaging impact it has. This is talked about a lot in mainstream press, so people understand this. I invite people in for a full body scan and we then decide together which area to work on first. There’s no limit to what you can do to build your practice with this.

This is equipment that will make a significant impact on your business and in the confidence that your clients have that the Lifestyle Prescription® process works. What more could you ask for?

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Contact Cindy Galvin, Lifestyle Prescription® Health Coach and ThermoBuzzer™ Imaging Specialist for a complementary consultation or ThermoBuzzer Imaging Scans:
www.cindygalvin.com | Email: csglondon@aol.com


Amazing Lifestyle Prescriptions® University 2019 Conference in Spain [Photos & Review]

Cindy from Arizona said it best: “The 2019 Spain Conference felt like a 5-day group hug” with high quality presentations and speakers and attendees soaking up Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching Techniques, Skills and Practice. Enjoy the photos further below in this post!

You might ask: What exactly is Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching?

Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching is based on the Organ-Mind-Brain Connection and the Art and Science of Self-Healing and includes a 3-Step Transformation process:

1. Root-Cause Analysis
Discovering the 6 Root-Causes (WHY) and timeline (HOW); and which specific stress trigger, emotion, belief & lifestyle habits are affecting over 1,000 symptom; including the 9 major points of phases of the self-healing.

2. Transformational Techniques
Help our clients heal and thrive by using root-cause based health coaching techniques, protocols & skills to:
♥ Release unresolved emotional hurts
♥ Reset and decode sensory stress triggers
♥ Establish empowering beliefs
♥ Create real-life and social improvements
♥ Increase body-mind strength and vitality

3. Write laser-sharp Lifestyle Prescriptions®
Engage, increase awareness and help your client’s create new healthy lifestyle habits by writing personalized and root-cause based Lifestyle Prescriptions®.

2019 Conference Presenters

The quality of the presentations were especially good this year showing that Lifestyle Prescription® Health Coaches are the leaders in root-cause based health coaching. Tt’s so gratifying to hear the amazing results they are getting with clients.

A BIG THANK YOU to all presenters:

  • Lifestyle Prescription® Root-Cause Analysis | Johannes R. Fisslinger
  • Words Create Worlds | Cindy Galvin
  • The Quantum-Neuro-Biology Technique | Johannes R. Fisslinger
  • Serious Healing Peaks with Q&A | Dr. Anton Bader
  • Cancer Survival Personality Traits | Lucinda Rost
  • Longevity | Prof. Kulikova
  • Fertility and Women’s Health Issues | Aisling Killoran
  • Self-Care for Practitioners | Susan Gardner
  • ThermoBuzzer Imaging Scans | Johannes R. Fisslinger
  • Lifestyle Prescription® Language Skills | Dr. Stephane Provencher
  • Microbiome, Mitochondria and Self-Healing with Christa Krahnert
  • Why it’s essential to find Root-Causes? | Cindy Hubka
  • Lifestyle Prescription® with Functional Medicine | Dr. Stephane Provencher
  • How to teach clients (and learn for yourself) not to be afraid of feelings | Kim Knight
  • The Upgrading The Brain Process | Dr. Stephane Provencher

Impressions & Photos

Part of our happy Lifestyle Prescriptions University family
Having a good time …
Dr. Awesome teaching …
Aisling sharing her experience with infertility and women’s health issues
Small breakout session on the sunny pool
Susan talking about the importance of self-care for practitioners
Dr. Stephane Provencher, Ray Manning and Dr. Anton Bader
Soaking in good conversations
Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaches
Fresh organic food just picked from a local garden for us
Johannes with beautiful Victoria
Costa del Sol Spain at its best
Johannes teaching Root-Cause Analysis and Quantum-Neuro-Biology Technique

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13 Reasons Why To Study Lifestyle Prescriptions®

Yesterday I was asked by an EFT/NLP/Counselling practitioner why she should attend the upcoming Lifestyle Prescriptions® Method Certification Training.

Knowing that this question is very likely on your mind I decided to just share my response with you.

Watch the FREE 3-Part Video Training.

Here are the 13 reasons and benefits of becoming a Certified Lifestyle Prescriptions® Method Practitioner and Health Coach and LEADER in the new emerging health paradigm.

I am curious which one is the most important one for you?

  • Reason # 1 – Go beyond what you know
    The Lifestyle Prescriptions® Method is so unique and revolutionary that you will be amazed how it’s precise diagnosis and therapy approach will transform your thinking and most important how you work with clients.
  • Reason # 2 – Learn the Art and Science of Self-Healing
    If you can’t answer with confidence the WHY and HOW of your client symptoms then it’s clearly time to study with us. Discover how each and every organ tissue in our body goes through specific 9 points and phases of self-healing and start predicting how your clients heal.
  • Reason # 3 – Find synergy of the 6 Root-Causes
    Just focusing on one of the 6 root-cause(s) is usually not enough. If you work only with diet or fitness or mindfulness or emotions or stress or beliefs or social then you might be missing the synergistic “oneness” of the 6 root-causes and opportunities to help your clients heal and thrive.
  • Reason # 4 – Start or upgrade your career
    At Lifestyle Prescriptions University we believe in building careers and expertise. Don’t just attend another workshop or learn another technique. Become a worldwide authority in the Art and Science of Self-Healing and advanced Lifestyle Medicine. And if you have a success practice already we will help you diagnose faster, get to the root-cause with more precision and improve health outcomes and results. Just read our testimonials from graduates.
  • Reason # 5 – Learn Advanced Body-Mind-Social Analysis
    Easily find the root-cause, stress triggers, emotions, beliefs, social issues and lifestyle choices that are contributing to your clients organ symptoms. The Lifestyle Prescriptions® Method is very, very specific and laser-sharp.
  • Reason # 6 – Apply Lifestyle Prescriptions® techniques & therapy skills
    No matter if you’re an experience practitioner or just starting you’ll learn all the techniques and skills needed to help your clients transform and heal.
  • Reason # 7 – Write Lifestyle Prescriptions® Method
    Patients are used to getting a prescription from a doctor. Learn how to turn this habit to your and your clients advantage by introducing them to laser-sharp, root-cause based Lifestyle Prescriptions and helping them establish new sustainable habits.
  • Reason # 8 – Build your confidence
    The #1 feedback from our students is that they finally feel confident, more secure and able to work with clients in a much more profound way. Makes sense … because if you can answer the WHY, HOW, WHAT questions and you have a plan then confidence is natural.
  • Reason # 9 – Make friends from around the world
    You’ll be able to connect with other LPU students and graduates from all over the world through the training and our highly educational community forum. Build friendships, ask questions, comment and share your experiences. To know that our graduates have your back feels amazing.
  • Reason # 10 – Study everywhere, anytime
    You can attend the Live class from anywhere around the world and study at your own pace. Plus we offer life-time access to all replays, worksheets, scripts, forms and our support group.
  • Reason # 11 – World-renowned Faculty
    You won’t just learn from me … but other amazing experts in their fields like Dr. Anton Bader (Brain Relay Diagnostics), Dr. Stephane Provencher (Upgrade Your Brain), Annie Gedye (EFT & more), Christa Krahnert ND (Natural Medicine), Bernie Siegel MD and many others.
  • Reason # 12 – Transform and heal yourself
    If you experience symptoms yourself and want to create drastic improvements then our trainings will provide you with the perfect platform and a network of supporting and highly qualified health professionals. Plus experiencing your own self-healing makes you a much better therapist anyways.
  • Reason # 13 – Be perceived as a magician by your clients
    A typical response of our clients is “How do you know me so well, what I feel, think and have experienced just by my symptoms?” Its magical to help clients decode their body’s natural healing intelligence and Body-Mind-Social Connection. It amazes me again and again.

Well, these are just some of the benefits you will receive when studying with the Lifestyle Prescriptions University. You deserve a high quality education and and by studying with us you will have the chance to become a world-renowned authority in the Lifestyle Prescriptions® Method and the Art and Science of Self-Healing.

If you knew how valuable and transformational Lifestyle Prescriptions® could be to your life then we are 100% confident that you are joining us.

Click here to watch the Free 3-Part Training.

By Yuan Fisslinger PhD(C)

Frustrated not finding the 6 Root-Cause(s) of chronic symptoms? [Free 4-Part Video Series]

I remember how frustrating it feels if a client needs our help and we just can’t figure out why symptoms are chronic and why they don’t heal … even if we’ve tried many different approaches.

What we’ve discovered is that there is a art and science of working with root-cause(s) which is essential to finding WHY symptoms are chronic and what specifically is blocking the healing.

Here’s how you do it.

I’d love to share with you Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Analysis and the techniques used by thousands of health professionals around the world.

They get absolutely amazing results … mostly because they become masterful experts in the

  • Organ-Mind-Brain Connection
  • The 6 Root-Cause(s) of symptoms
  • The 9 Major Points and Phases of Self-Healing

Lifestyle Prescriptions University | Root-Cause Analysis and Self-Healing Protocols

Just imagine feeling this deep inner confidence in your skills and getting tremendous results and health outcomes.

Psycho-social root-cause analysis is what makes the difference and for a limited time we’ll make our free webinar training available at no cost.

Video #1 of our 4-part webinar training series is available now.

You’ll get answers to these questions:

  • The root-cause of back pain, eczema, nasal congestion or Fibromyalgia.
  • Which 2 key principles help you totally re-imagine your practice.
  • How to drastically improve the effectiveness of your current techniques.

Become your clients hero by helping them heal and thrive.

QUIZ: Which emotions & stressors affect these clients [ThermoBuzzer Scan Image]

Here’s a little quiz for you.

Below you’ll see 1 ThermoBuzzer™ Mobile Thermography image from actual clients with circles marking specific areas in the body. As you know the ThermoBuzzer colors indicate temperature differences measured through a high quality infrared camera (blue = cold, red = hot).

With ThermoBuzzer™ we use the Lifestyle Prescriptions® model to visually show which stressors & emotions are affecting specific symptoms (this is NOT medical thermography and no diagnosis, therapy is being provided).

My question for you is:

Which specific stress triggers, emotions & conflicts are affecting the below areas?

Naturally, in our daily work with clients we’ll use the 10-Step Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Analysis process together with our amazing Organ-Mind-Brain Connection Charts for quick reference and to find the root-causes quickly.

In any case give it a try … Enjoy!

ThermoBuzzer Scan Examples:
What’s the organ? Which stress trigger, emotion is affecting that organ?
Circle 1: …………………………………….
Circle 2: …………………………………….
Circle 3: …………………………………….

ThermoBuzzer portable mobile Thermography for health professionals

Post your answer on our Lifestyle Prescriptions University Facebook Group and enter a drawing to win a FREE  ThermoBuzzer Scan.

[Free Webinar + Download] Find Root-Cause Emotions & Stressors of 1,000+ Symptoms Quickly

Can I ask you a few questions (actually your clients will ask you these questions again and again):

  • Why do I still have a chronic skin rash (even if I eat healthy & exercise)?
  • What’s really causing it?
  • Why does the inflammation disappear, just to return a few weeks later?
  • What specific stress or emotion or thought is affecting my skin?
  • I’ve tried many therapies/modalities without success. Why?

What makes Lifestyle Prescriptions® so unique is that we’ve found a way to connect every organ tissue (like the skin-epidermis with hot, red, inflamed skin) with a very specific:

  • Stress Trigger (conflicts or traumatic events)
  • Unresolved emotional hurt
  • Belief (unconscious repetitive thoughts)
  • Social life situation
  • Lifestyle habits

To find these root-cause(s) quickly you can either rely on your intuition (which usually takes decades to develop) or use a science-based protocol we call Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Analysis.

This is not Louise Hay or the Mind-Body Connection …

Rather it’s based on biology, brain science, embryology, quantum medicine, our body’s self-healing intelligence … and our body being the seat of consciousness and directly linked with our mind and our surroundings.

Lifestyle Prescriptions® are revolutionary and new … because we combine the ability to find the root-cause(s) of 1,000+ symptoms with proven transformational and self-healing techniques, skills & technologies.

Our brand-new 3-Months Root-Cause Analysis Training will start in 14 days and I really want you to consider joining us. Think major milestone … you’ll learn all the skills you need to create miracles in your client’s life.

Start by watching our webinar training first.

Register for the webinar and you’ll receive the PDF template “50 organs and their emotional conflicts”.

Learn about our brand-new 3-Months Root-Cause Analysis Training

Did you know that about 40% of our Lifestyle Prescriptions University students have already a successful practice?

They absolutely love Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Analysis & Health Plans because it

  • saves them time,
  • helps them get better results …
  • and increases profitability and income.

Start here.

Lifestyle Prescriptions University