Obesity, diets and what’s proven to work

In 2017, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, the expert panel that decides which treatments should be offered for free under Obamacare, found that the decisive factor in obesity care was not the diet patients went on, but how much attention and support they received while they were on it. Participants who got more than 12 consulting sessions saw significant reductions in their rates of prediabetes and cardiovascular risk. Those who got less personalized care showed almost no improvement at all. ¹
It seems sensible and absolutely essential that governments and insurance companies invest into long-term health not just for obesity but for all non-communicable chronic diseases.

I am working on my own Ph.D. Doctorate right now and it absolutely amazes me how much research has been done over the last few decades on the efficacy of Lifestyle Medicine and Health Coaching.

We know it works.

The only smart next move is that governments around the world realize that something needs to give … people want and deserve lifestyle based solutions for chronic health issues that are also good for “federal & insurance wallets”.

But what we need is “YOU” telling everyone about it.

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