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Live Master Class: A Revolutionary New Health Paradigm | Lifestyle Prescriptions® University

Don’t FEAR symptoms, viruses and diseases ever again. 

Johannes R. Fisslinger, Lifestyle Prescriptions® University Founder, why we need to rethink health care and how you can radically improve your health & life knowing the 6 Root-Causes of symptoms and the 9 Points & Phases of Self-Healing.

Discover how Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaches use Root-Cause Analysis, the Art and Science of Self-Healing and Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy to improve health outcomes and help clients heal and thrive.

Thanks to our wonderful  Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach Specialist and Trainer Gita Jayakumar for hosting this live event.

And if you are a health professional, step up your ability to create radical transformations and health outcomes by studying the Art and Science of Self-Healing based on Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy at Lifestyle Prescriptions® University .

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Are Your Issues Really Yours?

Did you know you’re born with inherited emotional DNA too? Yep, that’s right, as well as the good stuff, some of the limiting things you might think, feel or experience physically is not even yours to begin with, it might be mums or nan’s. You were once an egg inside your mum, while she was growing in your nan.

DNA carries all of our blueprints for everything about us physically, emotionally, intellectually etc.

The wonderful thing about DNA though is it’s not fixed, it’s changing all of the time.

Dr. Bruce Lipton is a cell biologist and a pioneer in Epigenetics and this way of thinking with science based evidence to demonstrate it.

One of the things I love about using Lifestyle Prescription® Root-Cause Analysis and also Matrix Reimprinting is we can quickly locate inherited emotions and beliefs that might not even be yours, release them and program your subconscious mind with new more empowering ones.

This actually then changes the way your body chemistry and DNA expresses itself, on an emotional, intellectual and physical level … how cool is that!

How often have you heard, thought or felt yourself, “that runs in my family”, “it’s the way it is” and felt fear over it possibly happening to you?

I see it all the time with clients who have fear, anxious or depressed feelings in family’s, or with hereditary health issues etc. I too have experienced it myself.

There really is something you can do about this from a body-mind perspective to change your generational DNA and help yourself and generations to come.

Written by Jodie Ross, Lifestyle Prescription® Health Coach

3 Gratitude Exercises Guaranteed To Make You Feel Happy [Today’s Lifestyle Prescription®]

Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions and state of mind.

Research has shown that the habit of practicing gratitude will reduce anxiety, depression, stress and increase happiness, sleep, relationships and health.

And what’s really amazing is that everyone can practice gratitude (it’s free) and it does not take much time.

“Do not dream of possession of what you do not have: rather reflect on the greatest blessings in what you do have, and on their account remind yourself how much they would have been missed if they were not there.”
Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius

3 Gratitude Exercises For Happiness

1) Morning Gratitude Ritual
When you wake up or when you drink your herbal tea (green tea or even coffee) contemplate for a few minutes and appreciate 3 things in your life you’re grateful about. Feel it in your heart and radiate that gratefulness out into the universe. Remember, what you focus on will increase and expand (attracting more things you can be grateful about).

2) The 3 Things You Take For Granted
Ask yourself: What is good in my life? What relationships, successes, behaviors or situations do I really enjoy and would not want to be without? What do I take for granted but don’t appreciate enough? Increase your awareness about what’s good in your life and anchor that gratitude in every cell of your body.

3) Write A Gratitude Journal
Writing down what you’re really grateful about is a powerful way to anchor that state of mind into your beingness. Researcher Robert Emmons confirmed with his research that after ten weeks participants in the gratitude condition felt better about their lives as a whole and were more optimistic. Participants were over 25% happier, spent more time exercising and reported fewer health complaints than those in the control group.

Practicing gratitude works!

But like all Lifestyle Prescriptions® you have to practice and establish a “gratitude habit” in your life. Just reading this article or thinking about it won’t do. 

Today's Lifestyle Prescription

Practice one of the above gratitude exercises 3 x per day for the next 10 days and post your feedback in our Open Facebook Group.

Start now practicing gratitude.

You’ll absolutely love it.

By Yuan Fisslinger PhD(C)

A bio-psycho-social approach to treating children

The biopsychosocial model systematically considers biological, psychological and social factors and their complex interactions in understanding health, illness and health care delivery.

The psychological component of the biopsychosocial model seeks to find a psychological foundation for a symptom or array of symptoms, (e.g., impulsivity, irritability, overwhelming sadness, etc.).

Clinicians often observe patients’ presentation with “diffused” like symptoms making it difficult to differentiate symptoms and disease patterns which could fit physical and/or mental categories, Research suggests the integrative view of psychological, behavioral, physical and mentalization concepts to understand the patient.

Dr. Stephane is proposing a root-cause diagnosis and solutions based approach to the assessment and treatment(s) of behavioral and physical related health challenges in children.

A twelve-step approach with a lifestyle prescription® for the children and the parents as a patient – centered approach with collaborative care.

Stephane Provencher is the Owner of the Gainesville Holistic Health Center and Vice-president of the Whole-Listic Children’s Foundation.

He is the Chairman of research for a chiropractic non-profit organization (SORSI) and Faculty at Lifestyle Prescriptions University.

He is the author of Billionaire Parenting, Beyond the Back and co-authored Leaders and Legends book with Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor and John D.

His vision is to integrate a collaborative holistic-allopathic healthcare model as a whole-listic children’s hospital.

Learn more at https://lifestyleprescriptions.tv/directory/listing/drstephane

Frustrated not finding the 6 Root-Cause(s) of chronic symptoms? [Free 4-Part Video Series]

I remember how frustrating it feels if a client needs our help and we just can’t figure out why symptoms are chronic and why they don’t heal … even if we’ve tried many different approaches.

What we’ve discovered is that there is a art and science of working with root-cause(s) which is essential to finding WHY symptoms are chronic and what specifically is blocking the healing.

Here’s how you do it.

I’d love to share with you Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Analysis and the techniques used by thousands of health professionals around the world.

They get absolutely amazing results … mostly because they become masterful experts in the

  • Organ-Mind-Brain Connection
  • The 6 Root-Cause(s) of symptoms
  • The 9 Major Points and Phases of Self-Healing

Lifestyle Prescriptions University | Root-Cause Analysis and Self-Healing Protocols

Just imagine feeling this deep inner confidence in your skills and getting tremendous results and health outcomes.

Psycho-social root-cause analysis is what makes the difference and for a limited time we’ll make our free webinar training available at no cost.

Video #1 of our 4-part webinar training series is available now.

You’ll get answers to these questions:

  • The root-cause of back pain, eczema, nasal congestion or Fibromyalgia.
  • Which 2 key principles help you totally re-imagine your practice.
  • How to drastically improve the effectiveness of your current techniques.

Become your clients hero by helping them heal and thrive.

Why was I sitting in my office without a shirt [ThermoBuzzer Mobile Thermography]

Take a first peak into our brand-new ThermoBuzzer™ Mobile Thermography System specifically designed for health coaches and consultants.

And yes I was sitting in my office without a shirt on (just for you …).

Learn more about Lifestyle Prescriptions® and ThermoBuzzer™ and watch a FREE Webinar about how you can build a successful business using ThermoBuzzer Mobile Thermography.

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Lifestyle Prescriptions®: Two-Phases of Self-Healing

Surprising Sympathetic and Parasympathetic triggers in your daily life.

Get a FREE Lifestyle Prescriptions Root-Cause Analysis Consultation® at: www.LifestylePrescriptions.TV/directory

Medical Thermography does not work? At least not how you think it is …

Thermography is a technology that uses specialized cameras that are sensitive to the infrared spectrum of light (electromagnetic energy). These high resolution cameras sense the infrared heat being emitted from the body and generate a digital image which can be viewed and analysed.

Thermography is used in construction, aerospace, surveillance, military and medicine.

Medical thermography has been around for over 40 years and there are hundreds of clinics using it. I always wondered why the FDA and the medical establishment does not like thermography and why it has never really found its way into health care.

But I believe there is actually a very different reason!

Let me make a statement that many medical thermographers probably will not like:

“Thermography does not belong into the medical system or paradigm. It’s like trying to fit into a system that’s very different and not in alignment what thermography really shows.”


Because Thermography is not about pathology but physiology.

Thermography images do not really show illness or disease like tumors, cysts or other so-called pathologies.

They do show differences in heat patterns in our body which is a direct representation of our autonomous nervous system, under or over function of a specific “organ” area and these changes can provide integrative/functional/lifestyle medicine health professionals with highly valuable data.

Thermography is about prevention and seeing physiological changes in our body way before any “pathologies” appear.

That’s why Thermography should not compete with mammography or other medical diagnostics and imaging technologies. There’s no way to win here.

But Thermography needs to be established as an invaluable and scientific validated technology and tool to monitor stress and imbalances and use lifestyle modifications like nutrition and stress management to remove these stressors and allow the body to auto-regulate and heal naturally.

Watch a LIVE DEMO about the new ThermoBuzzer Mobile Thermography Imaging System developed for peak performance and stress management.

3 Steps To Healthy Habits [PDF Worksheet Download]

I’ve lived in California for 20 years and have heard about a thousand times motivational and goal setting advice like this:

“You can do it if you just put your mind to it.”

“Yes you can!”

“Set clear goals in your life and they will manifest.”

If you’ve heard it too and tried to use goal setting and will power to achieve your dreams then I would like to ask you to look back and consider how well this worked for you!

We use our will power to loose weight, get rid of back pain, depression or anxiety and often find that it’s not worked that well.

What we are realizing now is that setting goals is important and necessary. But it also requires lots of energy, attention and “will power muscle” to make them happen. We seem to have not enough will-power to achieve our goal, get frustrated and then blame ourselves for not being “good enough”.

And we all know how easy it is to lose our desired goals, by getting side tracked or because we don’t feed it with “energy and attention” … oops!

Download the brand-new PDF Worksheet: 3 Steps To Healthy Habits

Establishing habits is way more powerful.

Habits are like the automated tasks our smartphone does without us knowing. It’s being done. Just think of all the wonderful apps helping you to stay in touch with family, read emails (you’ve got mail!) or the latest news article or “fake news” on Facebook. It’s all pretty much automated and we love it and benefit from it.

The same is true for our body. Healthy habits make our body “run” in a productive and high performance kinda way. We don’t have to think at all that we drink water instead of soda, we grab healthy snacks or eat mostly vegetables not because we have set that daily goal and used tons of our will power and energy to do it.


It’s fully automated running in our background (our subconscious mind).

Our breathing, blood flow, digestion, sensory input, brain activity, etc…. the majority of our bodily functions are unconscious “habits” (if that is what we decide to call them).

Symptoms are habits!

Ok. I said it.

This might be a totally new perspective for you. But start to consider symptoms as habits and not as something being wrong with you.

Your symptoms are biological reaction based on…..what you eat, how you react to stress, how you process emotions, how you perceive your environment, your relationships and your connections with others and the universe, presence or God.

Your symptoms are the result of your unconscious habits and when you change that “symptom producing habit” you’ll notice that your body will automatically – sometimes instantaneously sometimes over time – adjust and the symptoms disappear.

In Lifestyle Prescription® Health Coaching we are using the power of habits in a conscious way to transform our body-mind into a well oiled “bio machine” that produces empowering emotions, thoughts and results.

Seth Godin says it perfectly: “Your audacious life goals are fabulous. We’re proud of you for having them. But it’s possible that those goals are designed to distract you from the thing that’s really frightening you — the shift in daily habits that would mean a re-invention of how you see yourself.”

“Habits are powerful, but delicate. They can emerge outside our consciousness or can be deliberately designed. They often occur without our permission but can be reshaped by fiddling with their parts. They shape our lives far more than we realize—they are so strong, in fact, that they cause our brains to cling to them at the exclusion of all else, including common sense.” stats Charles Duhigg.

William James said: All our life, so far as it has definite form, is but a mass of habits – practical, emotional, and intellectual – systematically organized for our weal or woe, and bearing us irresistibly toward our destiny, whatever the latter may be.”

The big question for you right now is: Do you want to continue to struggle using will power to improve your health and your life? 

Or are you ready to use the power of micro-habit change and Lifestyle Prescriptions® to consciously automate your unconscious habits and let your body’s intelligence do the work?

Once you set up healthy habits, they become part of your identity, they can last all your life and require very little or no will power to maintain them.

It’s your choice. 

So who’s the winner: Goals or Habits?

I guess there is really no winner, both have their purpose.

But one thing is for sure true: Creating habits in a conscious manner is extremely powerful and will free up your will power and energy and help you automate tasks in your life that you used to struggle with.

Download the brand-new PDF Worksheet: 3 Steps To Healthy Habits and apply them int your life.

Lifestyle Medicine Documentary – Reversing 80% of Chronic Disease? (Trailer)

Can we reverse up to 80% of Chronic Disease by treating the root-causes and using lifestyle modifications?

Watch the short-film documentary “LIFESTYLE MEDICINE” and learn from world-renowned experts like Dean Ornish MD, David Katz MD, Erminia Guarneri MD, Bruce Lipton PhD, Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr. M.D, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Neal Barnard MD, Dawson Church PhD, Sayer Ji, Dave Asprey, Nick Polizzi, JJ Virgin, Ocean Robbins .. a total of 30 world-renowned experts in treating root-causes.

Watch the film at https://lifestyleprescriptions.org/documentary-trailer/.