Medical Thermography does not work? At least not how you think it is …

Thermography is a technology that uses specialized cameras that are sensitive to the infrared spectrum of light (electromagnetic energy). These high resolution cameras sense the infrared heat being emitted from the body and generate a digital image which can be viewed and analysed.

Thermography is used in construction, aerospace, surveillance, military and medicine.

Medical thermography has been around for over 40 years and there are hundreds of clinics using it. I always wondered why the FDA and the medical establishment does not like thermography and why it has never really found its way into health care.

But I believe there is actually a very different reason!

Let me make a statement that many medical thermographers probably will not like:

“Thermography does not belong into the medical system or paradigm. It’s like trying to fit into a system that’s very different and not in alignment what thermography really shows.”


Because Thermography is not about pathology but physiology.

Thermography images do not really show illness or disease like tumors, cysts or other so-called pathologies.

They do show differences in heat patterns in our body which is a direct representation of our autonomous nervous system, under or over function of a specific “organ” area and these changes can provide integrative/functional/lifestyle medicine health professionals with highly valuable data.

Thermography is about prevention and seeing physiological changes in our body way before any “pathologies” appear.

That’s why Thermography should not compete with mammography or other medical diagnostics and imaging technologies. There’s no way to win here.

But Thermography needs to be established as an invaluable and scientific validated technology and tool to monitor stress and imbalances and use lifestyle modifications like nutrition and stress management to remove these stressors and allow the body to auto-regulate and heal naturally.

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