Professional Therapist Insurance for Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaches (UK and Worldwide)

Adding a professional practitioner insurance when you start your Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching practice is an important step to feel secure and follow standards.

Most of our certified Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaches check with their existing professional insurance company to add Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching as a modality or method to ensure coverage.

Depending on the insurance companies policies coverage is usually provided and categorized under Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching, Lifestyle Medicine, Life Coaching or Health Coaching.

Most insurance companies will also add ThermoBuzzer Imaging to an existing or new policy.

If you’re looking for a new insurance we suggest using any of the below options or google local insurance companies in your country and request a quote.

Some of the insurance companies our LPHC practitioners are using are:




  • To be added …




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