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Can I ask you a few questions (actually your clients will ask you these questions again and again):

  • Why do I still have a chronic skin rash (even if I eat healthy & exercise)?
  • What’s really causing it?
  • Why does the inflammation disappear, just to return a few weeks later?
  • What specific stress or emotion or thought is affecting my skin?
  • I’ve tried many therapies/modalities without success. Why?

What makes Lifestyle Prescriptions® so unique is that we’ve found a way to connect every organ tissue (like the skin-epidermis with hot, red, inflamed skin) with a very specific:

  • Stress Trigger (conflicts or traumatic events)
  • Unresolved emotional hurt
  • Belief (unconscious repetitive thoughts)
  • Social life situation
  • Lifestyle habits

To find these root-cause(s) quickly you can either rely on your intuition (which usually takes decades to develop) or use a science-based protocol we call Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Analysis.

This is not Louise Hay or the Mind-Body Connection …

Rather it’s based on biology, brain science, embryology, quantum medicine, our body’s self-healing intelligence … and our body being the seat of consciousness and directly linked with our mind and our surroundings.

Lifestyle Prescriptions® are revolutionary and new … because we combine the ability to find the root-cause(s) of 1,000+ symptoms with proven transformational and self-healing techniques, skills & technologies.

Our brand-new 3-Months Root-Cause Analysis Training will start in 14 days and I really want you to consider joining us. Think major milestone … you’ll learn all the skills you need to create miracles in your client’s life.

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