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What are the 6 Root-Cause(s) Of All Illness?

Yes. Yes. I get it.

Our lifestyle including nutrition and fitness are very important and are the cornerstone of healthy living. Over the last few decades there’s been plenty of research proving the fact that what and how we eat and exercise determines if we feel decreased energy, fatigue, brain fog and a host of other chronic symptoms or if we’re full of energy, vitality and mental clarity.

But deep down we all know (and science is also proving it) that we are more then just a body that need to be strengthened and cells that need to be fed with high quality nutrients.

We are human being being confronted with stressful situations:
Traumatic, sudden and unexpected life events … or these little small chronic stress triggers we have a hard time letting go.

We are human beings full of emotions and feelings:
Anger, sadness, guilt, loneliness, frustration, anxiety, etc.

We are human beings with complex thought patterns and beliefs:
I am not good enough. I should do this or that. He/she does not like/love me. He is trying to take something away from me. etc.

We are human beings directly connected with our environment and social surroundings: Our relationships, our work place, toxic substances and energies, etc.

That’s why at the Lifestyle Prescriptions University we focus on the 6 Root-Cause(s) of Healthy Living.

6 Root-Cause(s) of all disease illnessWatch this FREE WEBINAR about the 6 Root-Cause(s) and how to find root-cause stressors, emotions, beliefs & lifestyle habits affecting over 1,000 symptoms – just by asking a few questions.

Are Lifestyle Medicine and Lifestyle Prescriptions® Proven By Science? What’s The Research?

The selection of research papers and empirical studies below indicate a direct link between emotions, stress, stressful life events, traumas, beliefs, socioeconomic parameters and illness and show the power of lifestyle medicine and comprehensive lifestyle and habit improvements.

Our mission is to motivate and educate doctors and health professionals in traditional and complementary health care to be trained accordingly and be able to integrated the newest research in psycho-social root-causes analysis & self-healing protocols in a practical way into their practices.

  • Lifestyle Prescriptions® University Specialists and Faculty Members are working on demonstrating and verifying that specific stressors & emotions are affect specific organ tissue symptoms based on the Art and Science of Self-Healing, the Organ-Mind-Brain Connection and the Major Points and Phases of Self-Healing
    • John Rhodes, Lifestyle Prescriptions® Asthma Specialist
      In a small research study John could show the following results using Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Analysis & Self-Healing Protocols:
       40% of participants were able to stop using asthma medication altogether (collaborated by their GP).
       80% of participants had Final Peak Flow measurements corroborating their breathing improvement.

Learn more about how to integrate cutting-edge Lifestyle Medicine Root-Cause Analysis & Self-Healing Protocols into your practice at www.lifestyleprescriptions.org

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