A bio-psycho-social approach to treating children

The biopsychosocial model systematically considers biological, psychological and social factors and their complex interactions in understanding health, illness and health care delivery.

The psychological component of the biopsychosocial model seeks to find a psychological foundation for a symptom or array of symptoms, (e.g., impulsivity, irritability, overwhelming sadness, etc.).

Clinicians often observe patients’ presentation with “diffused” like symptoms making it difficult to differentiate symptoms and disease patterns which could fit physical and/or mental categories, Research suggests the integrative view of psychological, behavioral, physical and mentalization concepts to understand the patient.

Dr. Stephane is proposing a root-cause diagnosis and solutions based approach to the assessment and treatment(s) of behavioral and physical related health challenges in children.

A twelve-step approach with a lifestyle prescription® for the children and the parents as a patient – centered approach with collaborative care.

Stephane Provencher is the Owner of the Gainesville Holistic Health Center and Vice-president of the Whole-Listic Children’s Foundation.

He is the Chairman of research for a chiropractic non-profit organization (SORSI) and Faculty at Lifestyle Prescriptions University.

He is the author of Billionaire Parenting, Beyond the Back and co-authored Leaders and Legends book with Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor and John D.

His vision is to integrate a collaborative holistic-allopathic healthcare model as a whole-listic children’s hospital.

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