The Fear of Cancer [Free Webinar Replay]

Fear is a very important natural response helping us to protect ourselves and deal with life-threatening or dangerous situations. Fear is an important emotion >>> WATCH THE WEBINAR REPLAY HERE  <<<  and has been hard-wired into our biology due to its vital role in the survival of the individual. Researchers have found that fear is established unconsciously and that the amygdala is involved with fear conditioning.

It was also discovered that fear can contribute to behavioral changes. It was examined that fear conditioning may play a huge role in altering an animal’s (or human’s) behavior in a repeated stress paradigm.

Our senses play a major role in how fear is perceived. A visual stimuli is first received by the visual thalamus and relayed to the amygdala for potential danger. This information is sent to the visual cortex to see if the stimuli poses a potential threat. If so, we react with muscle contraction, increased heart rate and blood pressure and our sympathetic neuronal pathway (flight-flight) is activated.
It has been shown that if more senses are involved (like visual, auditory and self-talk) the perception of fear or suspense will be amplified.

There’s a big difference between how we process or develop fear under different circumstances. 

For example a natural incidence of a healthy fear reaction might be the threat of being eaten by a dangerous animal or being injured in an earthquake or other survival situation. This is an important and essential part of our biological-protective behaviors.

But many times our fear’s have actually nothing to do with reality. They are based on “subjective” perceptions of reality based on our beliefs, past experiences and conditioned programming.

Fear creeps up inside of us and we might not even know where it’s coming from or what triggered it. We talk to a person and suddenly we are fearful. We hear about an earthquake far away and suddenly can’t think straight anymore. We hear a strange sound in our car and are afraid the car is broken or will crash.

It seems whenever we feel helpless, alone, don’t have a strategy to deal with a situation or don’t perceive reality with awareness fear and anxiety may appear.

But you might ask what has this to do with cancer? 

One of the most predominant emotions most people feel when they talk about cancer or if they are due for a health checkup or if they suddenly discover a lump … is FEAR.

Fear seems to be such a predominant state of mind and emotion when we talk about cancer that it is almost impossible to think in a logical, smart and conscious way. We want to win the war against cancer, we fight tumors, we use all possible weapons to defeat the “overgrowing cancer cells”.

And all this without really knowing what causes cancer.

But it seems a shift is happening. Many doctors, researchers and people – like you and me – are starting to question the old models of “waging a war against cancer” and are exploring new ways that go beyond biochemistry or fighting disease.

Let’s step back for a second. Let’s NOT talk about which therapy, modality or treatment needs to be applied. Let us go beyond Traditional, Complementary or Alternative Models and ask a powerful and absolutely important questions:

WHY? Why is this happening? Why does the body react with a tumor? What’s the process involved?

And let’s look beyond biochemistry, risk factors and other old models based on managing the “disease”.

To me it seems clear, that we can’t really understand the cause and process of any illness without taking our emotions, thoughts, social experiences and our lifestyle into account?

From a holistic and integrative perspective our body is actually a powerful self-healing “machine”. Every organ is our body is constantly aiming to regenerate and repair. Every cell is being renewed regularly to ensure our survival.

We start to realize that there is an Art and Science of Self-Healing that allows us to understand the WHY and the HOW.

Knowing the root-cause(s) and the process of self-healing transforms the fear into knowledge and awareness. Fear disappears if we are aware and feel a sense of control, confidence and empowerment.

Our symptoms are not something we are dreading (because we don’t understand them) but something we trust as messages from our body-mind and feedback we can use to change and align with our life’s path.

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