[Video] Why your memories can’t be trusted

Memory does not work like a video recorder. They are not stored like a file just waiting to be retrieved. It seems memories are actually formed in neural networks across the brain and every time they are recalled they can be subtly changed. So if these memories are changeable, how much should we trust them? … Continue reading “[Video] Why your memories can’t be trusted”

Amazing Lifestyle Prescriptions® University 2019 Conference in Spain [Photos & Review]

Cindy from Arizona said it best: “The 2019 Spain Conference felt like a 5-day group hug” with high quality presentations and speakers and attendees soaking up Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching Techniques, Skills and Practice. Enjoy the photos further below in this post! You might ask: What exactly is Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching? Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching … Continue reading “Amazing Lifestyle Prescriptions® University 2019 Conference in Spain [Photos & Review]”

Ch-ch Changes! 10 Inspirational Hit Songs for Well-Being & Transformation

A Change Would Do You Good. Stating the obvious change is at the heart of Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching and the transformations that happen with it. I’ve written this blog for you to ponder your own attitude to change and encourage you to make some if you wish. Just for fun I’ve suggested some songs … Continue reading “Ch-ch Changes! 10 Inspirational Hit Songs for Well-Being & Transformation”

Here’s the Real Reason People “Catch the Flu”

Enrollment for our upcoming Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach opened. Click here to read the curriculum and out excellent tuition credit. Enjoy below article posted by Jane Oelke ND, Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach and ThermoBuzzer Thermography Imaging Consultant. Why do we get symptoms of pain or sickness? Do you know there is a process that the body … Continue reading “Here’s the Real Reason People “Catch the Flu””

What are you addicted to? [Summit Interview]

Discover new Lifestyle Prescriptions® Solutions for Addictions with Johannes R. Fisslinger, author of “The 6 Root-Cause(s) Of All Symptoms” hosted by Katori Noor from the Freedom from Addiction Summit. Watch here. So you might ask: Do I have addictions? Yes, you do. It’s part of human nature and it would not be smart to run … Continue reading “What are you addicted to? [Summit Interview]”

The 3-Step Lifestyle Prescriptions® Method

We’ve been asked many times what exactly is the Lifestyle Prescriptions® Method and what makes it so effective and unique when compared to regular health coaching? After working with clients and teaching students for over 20 years I have found there are 3 main issues that we need to address, pretty much with every client … Continue reading “The 3-Step Lifestyle Prescriptions® Method”

Want 2 FREE Spain Conference Tickets?

Don’t you love certain traditions? Especially when they involve meeting friends and colleagues, sun, beach and the Mediterranean? I am talking about our annual Lifestyle Prescriptions University Conference which over the years has developed into the go-to Spring event for our students, graduates and faculty teachers. There are many reasons to go (see details and … Continue reading “Want 2 FREE Spain Conference Tickets?”

2 NEW Lifestyle Medicine Books You MUST read!

I’ll make it quick: These 2 books are going to be bestsellers and a must for everyone who’s interested in stopping or reversing chronic symptoms, healthy living and longevity. They are written by 2 of my favorite authors and I’am extremely thankful for their support over the last years (speaking at the Lifestyle Medicine Summit … Continue reading “2 NEW Lifestyle Medicine Books You MUST read!”

Are Spontaneous Regressions of Breast Cancer possible?

Today I read an article (scroll down for the article link, a webinar replay and a free consultation) and was inspired to write this article. My grandma had breast cancer and went through a horrendous experience that shaped her life in a powerful and negative way. It also affected me deeply and motivated me to … Continue reading “Are Spontaneous Regressions of Breast Cancer possible?”