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New Lifestyle Prescriptions® book claims up to 80% of chronic disease can be healed [Press Release]

[Los Angeles, California August 15, 2018] – Research in lifestyle medicine has shown that the majority of chronic symptoms like pain, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, indigestion, allergies, anxiety and depression can be stopped and even reversed by using comprehensive lifestyle modifications.
​But switching from a simple disease management and symptom treatment model of health care towards a prevention and root-cause based model has one major challenge: ​​​If we are not aware what’s actually causing symptoms​​ from a bio-psycho-social perspective​ then its almost impossible to ​improve health outcomes, reduce patient frustration and lower healthcare costs​.​
Not knowing WHY we have symptoms can be tremendously frustrating. We become fearful, confused and worried. We  want to know WHY we have chronic illnesses, such as back pain, eczema, acne, diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure or cancer. 

Is it the food we eat, lack of exercise, viruses or bacteria? Is it our genes? Is it the stress? Or could our unresolved emotional hurts, limiting beliefs be at fault?

ebook The 6 Root-Causes of Self-Healing | Lifestyle Prescriptions UniversityIn his new book, Johannes R. Fisslinger, Founder of the Lifestyle Prescriptions University, introducea revolutionary new health paradigm based on the Art and Science of Self-Healing.  It is based on biology, the body-mind-social connection and our body’s natural healing intelligence.
He states, “We start to realize that there’s not just a mind-body connection rather every organ tissue in our body is directly linked to specific stress triggers, emotions, beliefs and lifestyle habits. There are 6 root-causes we need to address. Once we do our it’s absolutely amazing to see how quickly our body’s ability to auto-regulate is activated and self-healing starts to happen naturally.
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This is what health professionals and patients say about the book and Lifestyle Prescriptions®:
“My hip pain disappeared just after one Lifestyle Prescriptions Consultation.” Denver J. Hudson, USA
“I love ♥ Lifestyle Prescriptions® ~ it’s revolutionary. ♥ It assists me to understand my own healing journey and that of my clients in a super fast way”. Jo Trewartha, UK
“Muscle pains, headaches & migraines all gone. I can only recommend Lifestyle Prescriptions®. Life changer”. 
Yasmine Farouk, Dubai


Johannes R. Fisslinger has been a pioneer in the Art and Science of Self-Healing for 25 years and teaches globally about Root-Cause Analysis and Lifestyle Prescriptions®. He’s the founder of Lifestyle Prescriptions University, developer of ThermoBuzzer Biofeedback Imaging, director of the Titans of Yoga and Lifestyle Medicine documentary films and Producer of Lifestyle Medicine Summits. 

The Lifestyle Prescriptions University is the World’s Only Lifestyle Prescriptions® Training School with a mission to educate about the Art and Science of Self-Healing, Root-Cause(s) and Self-Healing Protocols every health professional needs to know. Their passion is to help health professionals improve their practices using cutting-edge skills and technologies, to educate, empower and inspire clients and to build a highly qualified professional network of Lifestyle Prescription® and ThermoBuzzer Providers, Health Coaches and Specialists.  

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The FREE BOOK |The 6 Root-Cause(s) Of All Symptoms” can be downloaded at​