Louise Hay on Steroids?

Do you remember times when clients told you about emotions, specific stress or traumas they’ve experienced and you just were’t sure how to deal with that?

Because although you know stress and emotions do affect our health, how do you treat them specifically?

And how can you connect these emotions, stress and traumas to symptoms? Is there a pattern?

Yes, absolutely there is a pattern and you can learn it right now.

Consider this short list of stress triggers with symptoms:

  • Loss of touch / Separation is related to eczema (skin)
  • Feeling angry about a neighbor affects the stomach mucosa (ulcer)
  • Emotional overwhelm stresses the heart muscle (myocardium)
  • Territorial fear affects the bronchial mucosa (bronchitis)

You might ask is this Louise Hay or just another intuitive mind body approach?

It’s the next level – Think Louise Hay on steroids

This is about biology and physiology. It’s about the reason why we have all these wonderful organs. It’s about understanding biology at a deeper (body-mind-brain-social) level because the reality is that they are ONE. Our body is a direct reflection of consciousness and our mind.

A really easy way to know why an organ tissue reacts with symptoms is to just ask yourself:

  • What’s the biological function of …..(organ tissue)….?
  • What does this organ do for me? Why do I have it?

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Is the stomach only responsible for digesting food? Or is the stomach also part of the digestive process for emotions and stressful life situations?

Is our outer epidermis skin just a protective waterproof barrier which keeps pathogens at bay and regulates body temperature? Or is it also deeply involved in our sense of touch – which is why if we experience a stressful “loss-of-touch” situation as numb, pale skin followed by red, hot, inflamed epidermis skin symptoms?

Our biology is brilliant.

And when you start decoding this amazing web and network of stress triggers, emotions, beliefs connected with specific organ tissue you’ll become a master in Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Analysis.

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