Lifestyle Prescriptions® Case Study: Acne

Lifestyle Prescriptions for Acne

I had a client this week who I’ll call Jessica (names changed for confidentiality). Jessica came to me with back pain and skin issues which she instinctively felt were in some way linked, although she didn’t understand how.

Both of Jessica’s issues were long standing and followed the typical, chronic pattern of stress-regeneration-stress – which means they flared up and subsided in an endless, exhausting loop!

This is really common with chronic conditions, you get triggered by something, an emotional event or memory usually, so the tissues involved enter the stress phase and therefore display the associated stress phase symptoms.

Then something happens that switches the body into regeneration (the situation passes, you shift your focus etc) and the affected organ tissues start to regenerate (repair) and show different symptoms.

It’s an effective, supposedly self governing system.

6 Root-Cause(s) of all disease illness

However, unless there is a complete resolution of the original stress trigger & emotion, the repair part of the cycle often gets interrupted as the person is re-triggered by the original stress and so the process begins again but never fully completes.  If you ask someone with a chronic condition, they can usually confirm that their symptoms fluctuate, even if they don’t yet understand why.

Back to Jessica, I don’t treat physical symptoms directly, I work to connect my clients with the memories and emotional traumas behind their symptoms.  What I really like about the Lifestyle Prescriptions® and META-Health process is that it can show you very quickly which areas to work on.

Clients come with a complicated jumble of symptoms, aspirations, traumas, goals, helpful and unhelpful habits!  As a practitioner where do you start? I like to start with the symptom that bothers the client the most, in Jessica’s case it was her skin issues.

Tracing the presenting symptom back to the root-cause will give you an excellent place to start unraveling things – physical symptoms can be a gift as they contain valuable information.  In my experience if you prompt your client with a theme (territorial anger, loss of touch, etc) they will quickly come up with lots of memories to support that. Then once these are resolved, more often than not the physical symptoms improve spontaneously.  

So you can understand the process better, I’ve shown Jessica’s Organ-Mind-Brain Connections below –

Symptom – Acne
Organ Tissue – Skin-Dermis
Brain Layer (+/-)  – Cerebellum
Conflict Theme – Protection/Defilement
Location – Face – Protection/Defilement about our identity/sense of self

In the session we explored any areas of Jessica’s life where she had felt defiled and Jessica was instantly able to identify her relationship with her Father as the source of the trauma, so we worked to release and reframe several key memories relating to this. Once Jessica had understood the stress triggers, emotions and conflict themes involved, it was much easier for her to see the connection and how her biology was communicating with her!  

This is one of the most amazing aspects of using this system, client empowerment.  

At the end of our session, Jessica was feeling motivated and empowered to continue to resolve her issues with her father now that she could see how deeply they were affecting her.  The following day she reported that her skin had flared up following our session (regeneration phase) but had subsided after only a few hours and was better than ever.