It’s The Immune System Stupid. 7 Empowering Articles To SHARE!

Borrowing the famous phrase “it’s the economy stupid” it feels like we are throwing common sense out of the window right now.

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We are obsessed with a virus and nobody, I mean nobody, seems to talk about the immune system and the importance of healthy living ​​anymore.

Are we that easily manipulated?

Fear, conspiracy theories and interest-money driven news are drowning out everything else on social media. Isn’t there conscious, heart-centered news anymore? Well there is.

Stop sharing fear driven news. Share empowering, health and fact-based news.

Now more than ever do we need to talk about what’s causing a “low, compromised” immune system and how to not be in the 5%+ Serious Symptoms Category and stay or move into the 90%+ Minimal Symptoms-Healthy Category.

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Really. This is important. We need to shift the conversation. Now!

Instead of reading and sharing all the “crap” on social media make a conscious choice now to ONLY read and share positive, healthy living, conscious and immune system enhancing news. We can do this.

As you know: Energy follows thought. Our thoughts and energy creates the reality we live in.

What’s the reality you focus on?

7 Expert Articles To Share!

Now is the time to stand up and lead the way.

Lifestyle Medicine, Health Coaching and focusing on healthy living are more important than ever!


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