october, 2018

ThermoBuzzer Imaging SpecialistMonitor infrared heat patterns and results, empower & motivate clients and magnetically attract new clients.

ThermoBuzzer Peak Performance Thermography with Lifestyle Prescriptions


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Grow your business with ThermoBuzzer™ and Lifestyle Prescriptions®. 

Monitor your clients health outcomes, increase compliance and use ThermoBuzzer as a powerful tool to acquire new clients and increase your income.

ThermoBuzzer™ combines cutting-edge mobile technology with non-invasive, non-contact infrared imaging to visually demonstrate surface heat patterns, stress imbalances and unconscious psycho-social habits (via the autonomic nervous system). Because ThermoBuzzer™ is NOT used as a medical diagnostics device, it’s the perfect educational, preventive monitoring system to increase client motivation and lifestyle prescription® and coaching compliance.


Perfect for Health Coaches | Therapists | Natural Medicine Practitioners | Psychologists | Wellness & Spa Operators | Peak Performance Business Coaches | Longevity Coaches | Medical Doctors

Your Benefits

  •  Cutting-edge “visual” monitoring and imaging technology
  •  Show imbalances years before symptoms manifest
  •  Indicates under/over function, stress, inflammation, asymmetries of organs, acupressure & trigger points
  •  Increase motivation and compliance
  •  Add a secure income stream


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