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Do hotter bodies fight wounds, infections, tumors better? [New Research]

This new research about body temperature and our immune system really got me excited because it proves one of the key principles in Lifestyle Prescriptions® and the Art and Science of Self-Healing.

The Universities of Warwick and Manchester have found in new research by a team of biologists & mathematicians that the hotter our body temperature, the more our bodies increase a vital defence mechanism that fights wounds, infections and tumors.

This finding is especially interesting because the researchers demonstrated that a small rises in body temperature (like during a fever) speeds up the cellular clock (NF-κB) that controls the response to infections. 

At a body temperature of 34 degrees, the NF-κB clock slows down.  At higher temperatures (beyond 37 degree – like fever at 40 degrees), the NF-κB cellular clock speeds up.

This study shows that temperature changes inflammation in cells and tissues in a biologically organised way and suggests that new drugs might more precisely change the inflammatory response by targeting the A20 protein.*

A Holistic-Integrative Lifestyle Prescriptions® Perspective

Our body temperature is an invaluable indicator of health and we know this through over 500 thermography studies over the last 40 years and our work with professional ThermoBuzzer Imaging which shows our unique heat patterns and surface temperature imbalances and asymmetries using cutting-edge mobile infrared thermography technology.

ThermoBuzzer Peak Performance Thermography with Lifestyle Prescriptions

The question is do we really need a pharmaceutical drug to “manipulate” our cell clock and stimulate the self-healing mechanism in our body?

Or are there other ways in which we can influence our body temperature and the immune and auto-regulation response that helps us keep wounds, inflammation and even tumors in check?

First of all it really helps to look at our body and biology from a Body-Mind-Social Connection perspective – and the Art and Science of Self-Healing can help us to understand that connection.

  • Our body is directly linked to specific stress triggers, unresolved emotional hurts, unconscious thoughts/beliefs, social life situations and our lifestyle habits.
  • And the second important principle is that every organ tissue in our body goes through very specific points and phases of self-healing.

Lifestyle Prescriptions University | Root-Cause Analysis and Self-Healing Protocols

Our global network of Lifestyle Prescriptions® Doctors, Nurses, Psychologists and Health Coaches can monitor these phases of self-healing by paying attention to the Autonomic Nervous System and its sympathetic and parasympathetic symptoms.

We’ve noticed that when our clients are in the stress phase (sympathetic, flight-flight) that the body temperature actually is lower. They feel stressed, think about the stressful situation all the time, emotions like anger, sadness, frustrations are running high and our body’s stress hormones provide us with the energy we need to go through this stressful phase and resolve it.

But what’s interesting is that after the stress phase we’ve noticed a regeneration phase which is reflected by an increased parasympathetic activity, e.g. repair and regeneration functions are activated.

And that’s where the previously mentioned research comes in. Because even though each organ tissue has different ways to repair, we always notice increased body temperature, fever, inflammations during that regeneration period.

Is it possible that our body is actually highly intelligent and is not doing anything “wrong”? That increased body temperature is actually the result of a natural self-healing and auto-regulation mechanism … kinda what our immune system is supposed to do?

What if we could monitor these temperature differences in our body and use effective Lifestyle Prescriptions®  Protocols to help our clients remove the stress trigger and let go of the unresolved emotions that seems to fuel this process?

What if we could use proven Lifestyle modifications including nutrition, exercise and stress management to improve the self-healing mechanism in our body?

The big challenge for all health professionals is to evolve to a new health care paradigm that is not just based on treating symptoms and managing disease but actually applies the Art and Science of Self-Healing.

And that’s what our mission and purpose at Lifestyle Prescriptions University is. Become a leader in the new emerging health paradigm.

Published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.