[New Book] Natural Fibromyalgia Choices: Find the Cause and Heal the Symptoms from Jane Oelke ND

Jane Oelke, ND just released her brand-new Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching based book “Natural Fibromyalgia Choices: Find the Cause and Heal the Symptoms”.

Natural Fibromyalgia Choices guides you with innovative quizzes and questions to help you understand the cause of your fibromyalgia pain.

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This book delivers hope to people with fibromyalgia showing effective ways to be free of this chronic hypersensitivity reaction.

Discover how to reduce nervous system stress that is making your muscles cry out in pain. You will gain better health through awareness with these activities:

  • Recognize physical, emotional, and social stress triggers.
  • Complete fibromyalgia pain quizzes to discover your cause of pain.
  • Discover about how emotions, beliefs, and values affect pain intensity.
  • See how thyroid and adrenal imbalances affect pain.
  • Understand how toxins and microbes affect organ tissues.
  • Learn to measure your levels of acidity to balance your metabolism.
  • Find out how antioxidants and minerals help balance free radicals to reduce pain.
  • Realize how homeopathic remedies and energy medicine relieve pain.
  • Read many practical recommendations to improve energy and metabolism.

Natural Fibromyalgia Choices incorporates Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching to understand the root cause of your symptoms, and assists you with techniques to make positive progress to a better life.

“Fibromyalgia can be healed, that’s the empowering message of this excellent book. Understanding your body’s healing intelligence, finding the 6 root-causes and healing one organ tissue symptom after the other makes Jane’s approach so powerful.”

Johannes R. Fisslinger, Foundation Lifestyle Prescriptions University

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Ch-ch Changes! 10 Inspirational Hit Songs for Well-Being & Transformation

A Change Would Do You Good.

Stating the obvious change is at the heart of Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching and the transformations that happen with it.

I’ve written this blog for you to ponder your own attitude to change and encourage you to make some if you wish.

Just for fun I’ve suggested some songs about change too, as music can be an uplifting motivator connecting us to ourselves and others.

When we listen to music dopamine is released. This has good side-effects enhancing our emotions, movement, perceptions and health.  Music can have a huge impact on what we feel and think including our world view making change and music intrinsically linked.

Change is a very individual thing. Some people undergo massive life changes such as changing gender, religion, multiple complex surgeries and so on, in order to create a happier or preferred lifestyle and version of themselves. I used to work with autistic teenagers and as a community of people change was generally hard for them to adapt to.  Processing time, visual aids and social stories were embedded into the curriculum. Even something intended to be enjoyable like school Christmas lunch could cause anxiety and meltdown because it’s a change to routine. Then there is the other extreme; people who seem to have no difficulty making changes easily moving through life in a state of grace and flow happy and moving forward achieving things seemingly effortlessly.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I generally find change easy or does it present me with challenge?
  • Is it easier for me to make changes in some life areas and not others?

Before committing to a change self-efficacy, resources, willingness and capabilities need to be considered and planned around. These considerations are taught as part of the Lifestyle Prescriptions® Boot-camp. After completing a boot-camp last autumn I highly recommend it for mindset support and camaraderie whilst making lifestyle changes. Completing the boot-camp helped get me disciplined and back on track after a few months of serious illness and feeling stuck.

The Lifestyle Prescriptions® CHANGE Hit list:

Read through my comments linked with each song listed below and as you do consider if anything resonates personally. The song lyrics or themes may not necessarily connect with my health-coach musings and are merely included to add further depth and exploration of change if you wish. I’m a music lover so hope you find listening to the tracks as much fun as I did.

10.  Bob Dylan – The Times They Are A-Changin’


Dylan is known for writing protest songs.  People often protest, “It’s not like the gold old days.” Common anecdotes may then be about manners and youth culture, trusting your neighbours, getting more for your money in the past and so on. This kind of thinking is limiting because it can stop us enjoying the present and of course we are living in the present. Appreciation and gratitude unlock so much for us.

  • What things are better now than they were a generation or two ago?
  • How has your life been enriched or become easier because of these changes?

9.  Take That – Everything Changes


“We’re a thousand miles apart, but still I love you” is a feel-good lyric from this song. Let’s think about this from two angles. Firstly, they say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and, also often that long distant relationships frequently fail.  Of course, there’s more individual factors at play than distance in miles or kilometres alone determining the relationship outcome.

Secondly, if we consider the lyric more abstractly it could be that different thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and even cultures could make people feel a thousand miles apart. From the therapeutic work I have undertaken with clients I often feel they gain greater understanding and realise that they would behave in the absolute same way as others if they had been in their shoes. The Law of One states we are all connected, and this is backed up in science by quantum entanglement. It can be an eye opener for clients and feels magical once they truly get it!

Relationships being such a central essential component of our lives are often implicated in health issues.  If you feel that your relationships are having a negative impact on your wellbeing do book a consultation with a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach.

8.  Eric Clapton – Change the World


Naturally, there are changes we would all like to see at a global level environmentally, culturally, politically. The easiest way to change is to change us, ourselves personally. This then changes others.  The outside world reflects our inner world like a mirror with life being a filter of our inner most thoughts. Therefore, things are good or bad, right or wrong because we label them that way.

  • After emotionally processing a challenging situation ask yourself did any good at all come from it? Loss for example, frequently leads to new opportunities, difficulties tend to lead to new skills and awareness, and heartache to strength, compassion and wisdom.

7.  Transvision Vamp – Time For Change


Are you a serial procrastinator? Do you waste days on end, or put off important things indefinitely? Sometimes active planning (with a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach) and better time management is enough to remedy this. Other times procrastination can be an indicator of stress, anxiety or depression. Procrastination can also indicate perfectionism which can be unrealistic when taken to extremes. Procrastinators faced with deadlines have increased medical visits. Therefore, if you run these behavioural patterns it’s best to work with a coach asap. It would also be worth watching your feelings, thoughts and emotions and notice what you experience. Shame, guilt, powerlessness, lack of control, low self-esteem, sadness and other treatable reactions may be hidden underneath the procrastination. Change is possible. Ask about Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching.

6.  Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne – Changes


This song outlines the change in family dynamics as children grow and become independent of their parents. We are often more like our parents than we would maybe choose to admit. Aside from genetic hereditary the exciting emerging field of epigenetics reveals bio-psycho-genealogy. Environmental stressors cause bio-logical responses which create physical changes. It’s an exciting time because we are learning how to un-do these patterns with tools like Matrix Reimprinting and EAM®. The information transfers down the family tree, so, not only can previous generational trauma be stored in your energy but also any trauma and patterns you have can be passed down the family line too to future generations. Think carefully before that next alcoholic binge or cigarette! TIME magazine has some very interesting more detailed articles on this.

5.  Eminem – Going Through Changes


Eminem is known for lyrics that cover darker subjects.  Addiction and suicide are two themes in this track.  With these two circumstances without doubt there will be an accompanying painful story. It’s becoming extremely well-documented that there is a high rate of male suicide especially. Nobody should suffer alone. Doctors and specialist long-term support is available and best. Following great adversity, pain and addiction life can be amazing again.  Suicidal thoughts are not necessarily around wanting to die, but more about wanting to stop the present pains. Addictions are an attempt to fill a gap at soul level. It is said that out of our deepest pain can come our greatest gifts. There are other ways to be.

4.  Kylie Minogue – Wouldn’t Change A Thing


In this song Kylie sings happily, “If I had to do it all again, I wouldn’t change a single thing.” Regrets can be stressful. Long term unresolved stress is likely to lead to illness and reduce the chances of longevity. Check out the wonderful book, ‘The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying’ by Bronnie Ware. Here they are summarised:

I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me
I wish I hadn’t worked so hard
I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings
I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends
I wish that I’d let myself be happier

  • What can you do to ensure you leave this earth with no regrets?

3.  Sheryl Crow – A Change Will Do You Good


If you’re in a state of inertia this song title in a great mantra. At Harvard University they discovered that when you make a dietary change you are convinced about you are more likely to be successful result wise.  Belief is more important than the kind of change you make! Rather than ponder which diet to follow choose one and try it without over analysing and see what happens. Make modifications as you go. The most important part is take-action and starting. In Lifestyle Prescriptions© consistent 1% weekly micro-habit change is recommended for long-term results.

2.  David Bowie – Changes


David Bowie constantly changed and re-invented his music and physical appearance. It seemed he never got stale. In Lifestyle Prescriptions® we know that when it feels that life is going in the wrong direction or we feel like we are backing the wrong thing in life the adrenals let us know.  People living these type of life experiences are more likely to experience fatigue and burnout. Once the conflict/s are resolved the energy and vitality begin to normalise again. A great place to start with Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching is health analysis with values exploration. When we live fully in line with our values our energy settles and we feel happier. If creativity of expression is one of your values and you work long hours in a routine job your adrenal glands may give you a clue. You need to nurture not suppress your creativity. Likewise, if one of your core values is honesty and your partner cheats on you then you are more likely to take the unwanted news extremely badly.

1.  The Scorpions – Winds of Change


This beautiful song is about hope for change. Hope can be motivational; with hope we have a chance, without hope we don’t. Many vouch for the link between hope, health, and happiness.  Expectation and belief have an impact on the nervous system and just like with the placebo effect a hopeful outlook can make health improvement more likely. Did you ever meet a chronic unhopeful person who is happy?

A great tool to assist us with changes around maintaining desires and expectations is affirmations. ‘I can and will change’ demonstrates assertion, commitment and certainty. It’s uplifting, empowering and inspires self-motivation. It’s certainly better self-talk than, “I’ll never be able to do a, b, or c” which instantly indicates we have given up!

In life change is inevitable. We are young. We age. We die. Change offers chance for growth and expansion; an opportunity to learn, gain wisdom, fresh insights and perceptions. Often though, it is human nature to be creatures of habit and resist change, even though we say we want it.

However, if we sabotage ourselves by not taking any action to change our thoughts, habits and behaviours and we procrastinate we may later feel guilty, frustrated or angry with ourselves. We may later say to ourselves… “If only I did x, y, z…. then my life would be better now.” Do you want to be that person?

  • What positive change/s are you inspired to make after reading this blog?
  • Write your Lifestyle Prescription© down, put it in a visible place you see regularly and take-action now. Good luck!

To learn more about Lifestyle Prescriptions® and bootcamp book a call to discover your next steps to fast-track back to wellness, benefit from Lifestyle Medicine based solutions and thrive again.

Jo Trewartha  www.freeyourmindsolutions.com is a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach and Trainer. Furthermore, she delivers the Expert Patient Self-Management Programme in her local community. She is passionate about wellbeing and believes that everyone can do something to feel better.

Here’s the Real Reason People “Catch the Flu”

Enrollment for our upcoming Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach opened. Click here to read the curriculum and out excellent tuition credit.

Enjoy below article posted by Jane Oelke ND, Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach and ThermoBuzzer Thermography Imaging Consultant.

Why do we get symptoms of pain or sickness? Do you know there is a process that the body follows in creating a healing response. Have you ever been “sick” after a stressful event? Or do you get “sick” on vacation?

Our body’s innate intelligence follows a cycle to react to daily stressful events we experience so that we can stay healthy.

When we experience a stressful event, our body starts to react. It activates the sympathetic nervous system to go into a flight, fight, or freeze response. Generally, during this sympathetic state, you don’t feel any pain because your body is operating at a heightened emergency level. There are underlying changes in organ tissues to support you through this process. Once there is a solution the body begins the regeneration cycle where restoration and normalization of the organ tissue occurs. Then we switch to activating the parasympathetic nervous system.

We experience these different phases regularly.

For example, our body is mostly in a sympathetic state during the day to be awake, and then at night, we enter the parasympathetic state when we sleep. After a shocking and stressful event, however, the body stays in the sympathetic state until a solution occurs for the issue. The body then goes into the parasympathetic state. At night, if we’ve experienced a shock earlier in the day and continue in the sympathetic state, we may find that we can’t sleep well; we’ll toss and turn and sleep lightly, not getting a good restorative sleep.

While under stress, there is a growth of fungi, bacteria, or a virus that will generate but remain dormant until the regeneration phase. Microbes will be created in direct proportion to fix the tissues damaged during the stress stage.

Bacteria, viruses, and fungi produced during the stress phase support the actions of the regeneration phase depending on the type of tissue affected.

In some organ tiss

ues there is an increase in cell growth during the stress phase, so during the repair stage, the extra cells are eaten away by bacteria or fungi to return to homeostasis. So when you have extra bacterial or fungal imbalances it relates your need for a cleanup crew to come into your cells to get rid of extra cellular waste you produced during the stress stage.

Remember, we have ten times more microbes in our body than actual organ tissues. Each of these microbes has a function to help repair or rebuild tissues after a stress response. Viruses are brought into the cells to help in the rebuilding process.

So if you get the flu, it is because you need to strengthen your cells that were damaged earlier during the stress phase.

The regeneration phase generates “sick” symptoms of pain, congestion, edema, and fatigue as part of the healing process. We feel like we need to rest more, and we should, to keep the regeneration phase moving forward.

I believe it is essential to understand your symptoms and if you are in a stress or regeneration phase, so you can support yourself correctly. When doing the Limbic Stress Assessment testing we can discover your imbalances related to this healing process. The more support you give your body, the quicker it will move back to health.

Jane Oelke ND, Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach and ThermoBuzzer Thermography Imaging Consultant..

For everyone who has asked, my next fibromyalgia book is almost complete. I am working with a publisher and hope to get it out this spring. Thanks to everyone who has done the Fibromyalgia Pain Quizzes on my website.

When you complete them I get a copy (and send it back to you), so I can study the overall results. That helps me understand you better and the more common causes of pain.


What are you addicted to? [Summit Interview]

Discover new Lifestyle Prescriptions® Solutions for Addictions with Johannes R. Fisslinger, author of “The 6 Root-Cause(s) Of All Symptoms” hosted by Katori Noor from the Freedom from Addiction Summit.
Watch here.

So you might ask: Do I have addictions?

Yes, you do. It’s part of human nature and it would not be smart to run away from them because they are based on one of the key human behaviors.


It could be said that addictions are habits that have got out of control. Both habits and addictions result in the release of dopamine (the brain’s happy hormone); and this feeling of pleasure is what maintains the habit.

With addictions the difference is that we use them to suppress unwanted emotions or thoughts … and over time, your brain more and more requires the feeling you get from your vice to get the same response.

We are ‘hooked’ and even if we know this new habit is not good for us we have a hard time quitting.

Typical known and not so known addictions are:

  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Gambling
  • Sugar
  • Meat
  • Coke
  • Coffee
  • Sex
  • Co-dependency
  • Compulsive work
  • Smartphone
  • Facebook
  • Playing computer games
  • …..

When I told a friend a while ago “Dude, you are addicted to meat“. He said “No, I could stop anytime. I just don’t want too.” Well …

There’s a very simple method to find out if you’re addicted:
Don’t do it for 30 days!

What I mean is if the first thing you do in the morning is check your Facebook feed or if you need your daily coffee or your soft drink then STOP. Consciously decide to do or use something else instead. Replace that habit with another habit (how about meditating or yoga or jogging or drinking water or eating veggies instead).

If you have major withdrawal symptoms like anxiety or stress and after a few days you just have to ‘do’ it again then it sounds like an addiction.

Naturally, there are addictions that are much more damaging to ourselves and our surroundings; and as always make sure to talk to your primary health care provider.

The Addictive Automated Habit

Stopping an addiction can be not an easy task because your brain still craves the feeling your addiction gave you. It’s like our brain and body gets so used to the behavior, habit or substance that is “demands” it.

What makes habits so powerful and addictions so difficult to resolve is the fact that we don’t do all ‘this’ consciously but our unconscious, automatic ‘autonomic nervous system’ is taking over and ‘automates’ the stimulus-response behavior.

Positive thinking or talking about an addiction sometimes help but in most situations we need to re-educate our unconscious mind and our autonomic nervous system to react with a new habit.

Knowing how to find the root-cause(s) of addictions is essential and that’s why the first step of the 3-Step Lifestyle Prescriptions® Methods is so important:

1) Becoming aware of the root-cause trauma (triggers), emotions, beliefs and lifestyle habits which keep this chronic habit/addiction locked.

2)Second, reframing & decoding the intensity of the trigger and the associated emotion and belief using root-cause based interventions like our Quantum-Neuro-Biology Technique.

3) And most important we write Lifestyle Prescriptions® to help establish new healthy habits and build a sustainable win-win relationship with yourself.

Watch the Freedom From Addiction Summit interview.

Learn Lifestyle Prescriptions® Methods including the 10-Step Root-Cause Analysis Process and 6 Organ-Mind-Brain Self-Healing Techniques & Protocols in the upcoming LIVE webinar with Johannes R. Fisslinger.
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The 3-Step Lifestyle Prescriptions® Method

We’ve been asked many times what exactly is the Lifestyle Prescriptions® Method and what makes it so effective and unique when compared to regular health coaching?

After working with clients and teaching students for over 20 years I have found there are 3 main issues that we need to address, pretty much with every client or patient, to achieve the desired health outcomes:

  1. Root-cause(s) (addressing the cause and not just fixing symptoms)
  2. Health outcomes (coaching to achieve sustainable, repeatable results)
  3. Habit change (empower compliance instead of procrastination)

Our Lifestyle Prescriptions University students and graduates love the fact that we help them become experts in solving these 3 key issues.

Watch our upcoming LIVE WEBINAR: LIVE TRAINING: Health Coaching Made Easy with the 3-Step Lifestyle Prescriptions® Method.

The 3-Step Lifestyle Prescriptions® Method

When you or a client works with a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach or Specialist you’ll be guided through an awareness and transformation process like no other:

  1. Root-Cause Analysis
    First, you’ll discover your 6 Root-Causes (the WHY and HOW); exactly which specific stress trigger, emotion, belief & lifestyle habits are affecting your specific symptom; and where you are in the healing process (the 9 major points of phases of the self-healing). 
    You’ll be utterly surprised about the precision …

  2. Transformational Health Coaching
    Then you’ll learn highly effective, precision and root-cause based Lifestyle Prescriptions® Techniques & Protocols targeting your specific organ tissue symptom and focused on:
    ♥ Releasing unresolved emotional hurts
    ♥ Resetting unconscious stress triggers
    ♥ Reframing limiting beliefs into empowering ones
    ♥ Creating real-life habit changes to increase love and support
    ♥ Increasing strength and vitality through nutrition, fitness
    Transformation can happen instantly …

  3. Laser-sharp Lifestyle Prescriptions®
    You’ll receive a personalized and root-cause based Lifestyle Prescriptions® that engages you, increases awareness and helps you create new healthy lifestyle habits.
    Improving 1% per day means huge shifts over time …

The 10-Step Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Analysis Process

Often we forget that to be able to use health coaching, therapy or transformational techniques effectively and achieve our client’s desired life and health goals we need to be precise in our initial analysis and know exactly the WHY and HOW.

That’s why our health coach specialists follow the 10-Step Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Analysis Process, ask a few targeted questions and very quickly they can fill in the blanks:

1. Symptom & Location SUD …….
2. Wiredness LD ……………… RD ……….
3. Organ Tissue …………….. Brain Relay …………….. Conflict Theme ……………..
4. Acute or Chronic 
O Stress Phase …………….. Regeneration Phase ……………..

5. Emotion …………….. SUD …….
6. Stress Trigger …………….. SUD ……. VAKOGS  …………….. 
7. Belief …………….. SUD ……. 
8. Values …………….. SUD ……. 
9. Lifestyle O Nutrition ……….. O Fitness ……….. O Energy ………..
10. Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach Plan ……………. …………….. ………….

Obviously this is only possible because we know exactly which specific conflict theme, beliefs, emotions and stress triggers are biologically connected to each organ tissue in our body and where in the healing process our client is right now … and most important which specific stress trigger is making this auto-regulation process into a chronic condition.

Join our upcoming webinar training and learn how to integrate the 3-Step Lifestyle Prescriptions® Method into your practice.

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2 NEW Lifestyle Medicine Books You MUST read!

I’ll make it quick: These 2 books are going to be bestsellers and a must for everyone who’s interested in stopping or reversing chronic symptoms, healthy living and longevity. They are written by 2 of my favorite authors and I’am extremely thankful for their support over the last years (speaking at the Lifestyle Medicine Summit and as guest speakers at Lifestyle Prescriptions University).

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The new Book from Dean and Anne Ornish on how to stop and reverse chronic disease.

Dean Ornish, M.D. has directed revolutionary research proving, for the first time, that lifestyle changes can often reverse-undo-the progression of many of the most common and costly chronic diseases and even begin reversing aging at a cellular level.

Medicare and many insurance companies are now covering Dr. Ornish’s lifestyle medicine program for reversing chronic disease because it consistently achieves bigger changes in lifestyle, better clinical outcomes, larger cost savings, and greater adherence than have ever been reported—based on 40 years of research published in the leading peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals.

Now, in this landmark book, he and Anne Ornish present a simple yet powerful new unifying theory explaining why these same lifestyle changes can reverse so many different chronic diseases and how quickly these benefits occur.

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The New Lifestyle Prescriptions Book

And just in case you haven’t read my last book “The 6-Root-Cause(s) Of All Symptoms yet then you can get it for a limited time for FREE.

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Are Spontaneous Regressions of Breast Cancer possible?

Today I read an article (scroll down for the article link, a webinar replay and a free consultation) and was inspired to write this article. My grandma had breast cancer and went through a horrendous experience that shaped her life in a powerful and negative way. It also affected me deeply and motivated me to find answers and solutions that go beyond the traditional methods.

As a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach and while teaching at Lifestyle Prescriptions University I’ve worked with hundred of therapists, health coaches and traditional medicine practitioners and I’ve seen how difficult it is even for health professionals to change old, limiting beliefs about what’s causing cancer (or any symptom for that matter) and what do do about it.

Emergency medicine, treating and managing our symptoms is essential and will always be there. But most of us would agree that we need to expand our health care system with a renewed focus on prevention and healthy living. This requires a clear understanding of the Art and Science of Self-Healing.

New evidence suggests that there’s more to the biochemical changes in our organs, tissue or cell. Science is starting to realize that our lifestyle, including what we eat, how well we exercise, how much we stress and our social environment determines our level of health and vitality.

The research is pretty clear by now.

The Lifestyle Prescriptions® Method

If we allow ourselves to view us as complex beings with a body, emotions, thoughts, life experiences and certain lifestyle habits then it becomes pretty obvious that these factors must play a role in the onset of symptoms and health in general (something we know by now through extensive research).

The HUGE difference to regular health coaching and Lifestyle, Integrative or Functional Medicine is that with Lifestyle Prescriptions® we realize there is a very specific (and I mean very, very specific) Organ-Mind-Brain Connection.

Every organ tissue in our body is affected and connected by very specific stress triggers, emotions, beliefs and lifestyle habits. There is nothing random about our body or the symptoms we experience.

It’s all about biology. But biology is not just a collection of organs or cells. Our body is a direct reflection of consciousness and is directly linked to our mind and reality.

The most life-enhancing and empowering factual belief we can integrate into our life is the inner knowing that our highly intelligent organism has an:

  • inherent capacity and tendency to auto-regulate and heal naturally.
  • that there are 6 Root-Cause(s) of symptoms.
  • and that our symptoms are actually part of an organ tissue going through very specific 9 points of phases of self-healing.

Trusting our body’s healing intelligence AND becoming aware of these root-causes AND taking conscious actions is what we focus on in Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching.

Because if you know the WHY and HOW, things change.

When you understand which specific types of stress, which specific unresolved emotional hurt or limiting and repetitive thoughts and beliefs or which lifestyle habits (toxic environment or people, lack of sleep or bad nutrition or exercise habits) are affecting a specific symptom then it’s so much easier to say “Yes I am ready to not just treat my symptoms or manage disease but rather explore changing my lifestyle habits and making the changes necessary for my body AND my life to change.”

Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching is really simple at its core:

  • Remove the blockages that prevent auto-regulation and self-healing
  • Increase awareness, vitality and strength in body and mind

Whenever I talk with cancer survivors I am inspired by their stories and how understanding WHY they developed breast symptoms (for example) was one of the most important AHA moments in their life which has enabled them to change their life and align more fully with their true values and life purpose.

Breast cancer can be perceived as a curse or as a miracle for renewal, healing and personal growth.

Watch the FREE WEBINAR replay from Lifestyle Prescriptions University Founder Johannes R. Fisslinger Breast Cancer. WHY? A Revolutionary New Perspective.

Read this highly informative article Yes, Breast Cancer Can (And Often Does) Spontaneously Regress: Confirmed by Case Reports and Meta-Analyses from our friend Sayer Ji at Greenmedinfo.com.

Listen to Sharon Curry, a breast cancer survivor and one of our amazing Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaches, and book a FREE Consultation (breast cancer or any health issue).

And please share this blog article with the infographic below and help inspire women around the world to review their options to achieve breast health.

3 Self-Healing Myths debunked

Just last week one of our new Lifestyle Prescriptions® University students said: “If our body is a healing machine and constantly auto-regulates then why do we have to do anything? Shouldn’t our body heal naturally?”.

Good point.

Let me also address several common myths or beliefs about self-healing that we need to completely reframe.

1) Self-Healing means doing nothing.

I’ve heard many times that self-healing means doing nothing. We just let nature take its course. We trust.

Trusting our body’s healing intelligence is important but it does NOT mean we do nothing. That belief or mindset is totally wrong and actually the opposite is true.

Self-Healing means that there’s a innate and natural tendency of our organism to auto-regulate and move towards balance. Our job is to take conscious actions, to take the necessary steps to:

  • Remove whatever is blocking the self-healing process
  • Strengthen our body’s vitality, health and well-being

In my book “The 6 Root-Cause(s) Of All Symptoms” I explain more about this phenomenon … and lets face it if doing nothing would allow us to be well then we all would be in perfect health, right?

2) Symptoms will improve of their own accord.

Our biggest obstacle by far is procrastination.

We hope things get better.

We wait for a better time or a miracle to happen.

We experiment and try this and that without being fully aware of what’s really causing our symptoms or what’s blocking the auto-regulation process.

What would you prefer:

Hoping things get better or knowing specifically the WHY and HOW (root-causes) and having a clear plan to succeed?

3) We misinterpret symptoms

When clients come to us with back pain, fever, inflammation or skin eczema then usually the first thing we say is: “Congratulations! Your body is already in the regeneration phase.”

Usually clients are a bit shocked and ask what do you mean? How can you say this considering my symptoms.

Well, symptoms are part of a complex process and if we know that the pain back pain, fever, inflammation, skin eczema or many other symptoms are “signs” that the corresponding organ tissue switched already from the stress/sympathetic phase into the regeneration/parasympathetic phase.

Yes, it can be painful. But if we reframe the symptoms and know why we have symptoms, if we know the timeline and the process of self-healing for every single organ in our body we can start to build trust in our body and our inner knowing.

Healing becomes a science.

The Freedom of being a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach

We’ve not written much about the lifestyle freedom that becoming a health coach can give you and I wanted to address that.

If you’ve recently watched Johannes 3 part video series then you’ll already have a good understanding of how the Lifestyle Prescription® Method works. One of the massive benefits of these revolutionary, root-cause based protocols are that they work just as well via a video link as in person.

What this means is freedom.

Freedom from overheads and the expense of running an office, as many of our graduates have chosen, or location freedom which can really expand your horizons.

So what exactly is the Lifestyle Prescriptions® Method? Johannes has spend the last 20 years perfecting a step-by-step process to find the 6 root-cause(s) of all symptoms quickly and then use lifestyle prescription self-healing protocols to radically improve your own and clients health.

What we’re offering is an an entire health coaching system that can be used with any health issue, its straightforward, extremely precise, and it works. Because it’s so focused, it can be delivered from anywhere, so all you need to start your business is somewhere private to work with an internet connection – meaning you can start right away.

I have firsthand experience of location independence and of juggling a business alongside children and the demands of a busy life. So if the thought of running a mobile Lifestyle Prescription® Health Coaching business lights you up then please get in touch for a chat:

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Emma Patricio