3 Self-Healing Myths debunked

Just last week one of our new Lifestyle Prescriptions® University students said: “If our body is a healing machine and constantly auto-regulates then why do we have to do anything? Shouldn’t our body heal naturally?”.

Good point.

Let me also address several common myths or beliefs about self-healing that we need to completely reframe.

1) Self-Healing means doing nothing.

I’ve heard many times that self-healing means doing nothing. We just let nature take its course. We trust.

Trusting our body’s healing intelligence is important but it does NOT mean we do nothing. That belief or mindset is totally wrong and actually the opposite is true.

Self-Healing means that there’s a innate and natural tendency of our organism to auto-regulate and move towards balance. Our job is to take conscious actions, to take the necessary steps to:

  • Remove whatever is blocking the self-healing process
  • Strengthen our body’s vitality, health and well-being

In my book “The 6 Root-Cause(s) Of All Symptoms” I explain more about this phenomenon … and lets face it if doing nothing would allow us to be well then we all would be in perfect health, right?

2) Symptoms will improve of their own accord.

Our biggest obstacle by far is procrastination.

We hope things get better.

We wait for a better time or a miracle to happen.

We experiment and try this and that without being fully aware of what’s really causing our symptoms or what’s blocking the auto-regulation process.

What would you prefer:

Hoping things get better or knowing specifically the WHY and HOW (root-causes) and having a clear plan to succeed?

3) We misinterpret symptoms

When clients come to us with back pain, fever, inflammation or skin eczema then usually the first thing we say is: “Congratulations! Your body is already in the regeneration phase.”

Usually clients are a bit shocked and ask what do you mean? How can you say this considering my symptoms.

Well, symptoms are part of a complex process and if we know that the pain back pain, fever, inflammation, skin eczema or many other symptoms are “signs” that the corresponding organ tissue switched already from the stress/sympathetic phase into the regeneration/parasympathetic phase.

Yes, it can be painful. But if we reframe the symptoms and know why we have symptoms, if we know the timeline and the process of self-healing for every single organ in our body we can start to build trust in our body and our inner knowing.

Healing becomes a science.

The Freedom of being a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach

We’ve not written much about the lifestyle freedom that becoming a health coach can give you and I wanted to address that.

If you’ve recently watched Johannes 3 part video series then you’ll already have a good understanding of how the Lifestyle Prescription® Method works. One of the massive benefits of these revolutionary, root-cause based protocols are that they work just as well via a video link as in person.

What this means is freedom.

Freedom from overheads and the expense of running an office, as many of our graduates have chosen, or location freedom which can really expand your horizons.

So what exactly is the Lifestyle Prescriptions® Method? Johannes has spend the last 20 years perfecting a step-by-step process to find the 6 root-cause(s) of all symptoms quickly and then use lifestyle prescription self-healing protocols to radically improve your own and clients health.

What we’re offering is an an entire health coaching system that can be used with any health issue, its straightforward, extremely precise, and it works. Because it’s so focused, it can be delivered from anywhere, so all you need to start your business is somewhere private to work with an internet connection – meaning you can start right away.

I have firsthand experience of location independence and of juggling a business alongside children and the demands of a busy life. So if the thought of running a mobile Lifestyle Prescription® Health Coaching business lights you up then please get in touch for a chat:

Click here to schedule a call with me.

Emma Patricio

[LPTV Students] Submit Feedback & Success Stories

At Lifestyle Prescriptions University we’re striving to improve our trainings all the time and your feedback is extremely important to us.

FEEDBACK: If you’ve attended a live or online training with a Lifestyle Prescriptions University certified trainer then please use this form to submit your feedback.

SUCCESS STORIES: The more people hear how effective Lifestyle Prescriptions® are and how quickly self-healing is possible the quicker it will find its way into health care practices.
Please tell us about the successes you’ve had during or after a training (like symptoms disappeared, emotions released, beliefs changed, etc.). Naturally, we’ll keep your story 100% confidential and anonymous.

[Success Story] This happens when you raise your game!

I wanted to share one of our students success stories with you because it shows what’s possible when you’re prepared to be visible.

Lena Olsten from Sweden is a Thermobuzzer owner and one of our Lifestyle Prescriptions® students, she recently stepped out of her comfort zone and took a booth at a Health Fair in Stockholm.

Lena shared her experiences with us:

“I just had the ThermoBuzzer for 2.5 months but I stepped out of my comfort zone and with the help from Johannes, Emma and Cody, I took the step to attend the fair, called Harmoni Expo.

I offered a free ThermoBuzzer facial scan and a consultation in total 15 minutes. I was fully booked both days and had to say no to many who were interested.

The interest for ThermoBuzzer was enormous. In total during the fairs 2 days, me and my colleague met hundreds of people and I took ThermoBuzzer images of 65 people or more, whom I now can send offers and newsletter to.

The fair gave me confidence and such big learnings that I can take with me into being Health Coach. I urge you all to go out and showcase Your knowledge. You are AMAZING.”

Lena is so passionate about her work and deserves to succeed, but what made the difference was that she was willing to step out of her comfort zone and be visible, something we can all learn from.

If you live near Stockholm and would like to book a Thermobuzzer scan with Lena? Her contact details are: Kär i livet AB – In Love with Life, Lena Olsten | www.karilivet.se | Mobile: +46 708 34 96 60 | lena@olsten-fc.se

13 Reasons Why To Study Lifestyle Prescriptions®

Yesterday I was asked by an EFT/NLP/Counselling practitioner why she should attend the upcoming Lifestyle Prescriptions® Method Certification Training.

Knowing that this question is very likely on your mind I decided to just share my response with you.

Watch the FREE 3-Part Video Training.

Here are the 13 reasons and benefits of becoming a Certified Lifestyle Prescriptions® Method Practitioner and Health Coach and LEADER in the new emerging health paradigm.

I am curious which one is the most important one for you?

  • Reason # 1 – Go beyond what you know
    The Lifestyle Prescriptions® Method is so unique and revolutionary that you will be amazed how it’s precise diagnosis and therapy approach will transform your thinking and most important how you work with clients.
  • Reason # 2 – Learn the Art and Science of Self-Healing
    If you can’t answer with confidence the WHY and HOW of your client symptoms then it’s clearly time to study with us. Discover how each and every organ tissue in our body goes through specific 9 points and phases of self-healing and start predicting how your clients heal.
  • Reason # 3 – Find synergy of the 6 Root-Causes
    Just focusing on one of the 6 root-cause(s) is usually not enough. If you work only with diet or fitness or mindfulness or emotions or stress or beliefs or social then you might be missing the synergistic “oneness” of the 6 root-causes and opportunities to help your clients heal and thrive.
  • Reason # 4 – Start or upgrade your career
    At Lifestyle Prescriptions University we believe in building careers and expertise. Don’t just attend another workshop or learn another technique. Become a worldwide authority in the Art and Science of Self-Healing and advanced Lifestyle Medicine. And if you have a success practice already we will help you diagnose faster, get to the root-cause with more precision and improve health outcomes and results. Just read our testimonials from graduates.
  • Reason # 5 – Learn Advanced Body-Mind-Social Analysis
    Easily find the root-cause, stress triggers, emotions, beliefs, social issues and lifestyle choices that are contributing to your clients organ symptoms. The Lifestyle Prescriptions® Method is very, very specific and laser-sharp.
  • Reason # 6 – Apply Lifestyle Prescriptions® techniques & therapy skills
    No matter if you’re an experience practitioner or just starting you’ll learn all the techniques and skills needed to help your clients transform and heal.
  • Reason # 7 – Write Lifestyle Prescriptions® Method
    Patients are used to getting a prescription from a doctor. Learn how to turn this habit to your and your clients advantage by introducing them to laser-sharp, root-cause based Lifestyle Prescriptions and helping them establish new sustainable habits.
  • Reason # 8 – Build your confidence
    The #1 feedback from our students is that they finally feel confident, more secure and able to work with clients in a much more profound way. Makes sense … because if you can answer the WHY, HOW, WHAT questions and you have a plan then confidence is natural.
  • Reason # 9 – Make friends from around the world
    You’ll be able to connect with other LPU students and graduates from all over the world through the training and our highly educational community forum. Build friendships, ask questions, comment and share your experiences. To know that our graduates have your back feels amazing.
  • Reason # 10 – Study everywhere, anytime
    You can attend the Live class from anywhere around the world and study at your own pace. Plus we offer life-time access to all replays, worksheets, scripts, forms and our support group.
  • Reason # 11 – World-renowned Faculty
    You won’t just learn from me … but other amazing experts in their fields like Dr. Anton Bader (Brain Relay Diagnostics), Dr. Stephane Provencher (Upgrade Your Brain), Annie Gedye (EFT & more), Christa Krahnert ND (Natural Medicine), Bernie Siegel MD and many others.
  • Reason # 12 – Transform and heal yourself
    If you experience symptoms yourself and want to create drastic improvements then our trainings will provide you with the perfect platform and a network of supporting and highly qualified health professionals. Plus experiencing your own self-healing makes you a much better therapist anyways.
  • Reason # 13 – Be perceived as a magician by your clients
    A typical response of our clients is “How do you know me so well, what I feel, think and have experienced just by my symptoms?” Its magical to help clients decode their body’s natural healing intelligence and Body-Mind-Social Connection. It amazes me again and again.

Well, these are just some of the benefits you will receive when studying with the Lifestyle Prescriptions University. You deserve a high quality education and and by studying with us you will have the chance to become a world-renowned authority in the Lifestyle Prescriptions® Method and the Art and Science of Self-Healing.

If you knew how valuable and transformational Lifestyle Prescriptions® could be to your life then we are 100% confident that you are joining us.

Click here to watch the Free 3-Part Training.


Scottish Doctors authorized to prescribe nature to patients

It’s happening … Lifestyle Prescriptions® are finding its way into doctors offices ( … even if they are as basic as prescribing a walk in “nature”).

Just recently doctors in Shetland (Scotland) have been authorized to prescribe nature to their patients.

It’s the first program in the United Kingdom (or worldwide for that matter) aiming to reduce blood pressure, anxiety, and increase happiness for anyone dealing with stress, heart disease, diabetes, a mental illness, and more.

They even created a brochure with often very funny suggestions how to act on the nature prescription given:

  • In February you can make a windsock from a hoop and material to “appreciate the speed of the wind”;
  • In March you can make beach art from natural materials or “borrow a dog and take it for a walk”;
  • In April you can “touch the sea” and “make a bug hotel”;
  • In May you can “bury your face in the grass”;
  • In July you can “pick two different kinds of grass and really look at them”;
  • In August you can summon a worm out of the ground without digging or using water;
  • In September you can help clean the beach and prepare a meal outdoors;
  • In October you can “appreciate a cloud”; you can “talk to a pony”
  • In November “feed the birds in your garden”
  • In December and do so much more. All on doctor’s orders.*

The benefits of nature on mental and physical health are numerous. Just spending 90 minutes of our day outside in the forest will decrease the activity in the part of your brain typically associated with depression.

Spending time in nature not only reduces anxiety, aggression, ADHD, high blood pressure  but it also increases happiness, pain control, the immune system, and many more benefits we haven’t even studied yet.

Just imagine the benefits of very specific lifestyle based prescriptions focused around the actual root-cause of a symptoms?

Read the first Lifestyle Prescriptions book “The 6 Root-Cause(s) Of All Symptoms” here.

Original article published here.

How to apply for CE/CPD (ongoing professional education) Points with Lifestyle Prescriptions® University

At the Lifestyle Prescriptions University we provide CE (continuous education) points for our students. Please find below a list of accredited CPD/CE points you can earn by attending our online and live trainings.

  • Lecture
    Lifestyle Prescriptions® Introduction (2 CEs / 2 Hours)
  • Workshop
    Lifestyle Prescriptions® Method (15 CEs / 15 Hours)
  • Certification Training
    Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach (120 CEs / 250 Hours)

Other CE/CPD points are available. See each course or training description for details.

How to get your CE/CPD Points?

Lifestyle Prescriptions University students completing a CPD/CE accredited activity (course, training or event) can request a CPD Certificate of Attendance. This certificate can then be recorded within your formal CPD requirements for your professional body, institute or employer.

Lifestyle Prescriptions University is accredited by the CPD Standards Office UK | Registered Provider No: 50046.

Questions? Contact Us

Apply CPD/CE Points For A Course you’ve completed

Professional Therapist Insurance for Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaches (UK and Worldwide)

Adding a professional practitioner insurance whenever you start your Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching practice is an important step to feel secure and follow standards.

Most of our certified Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaches check with their existing professional insurance company to add Lifestyle Prescriptions® as a therapy or method to ensure coverage.

Depending on the insurance companies policies coverage is usually provided and categorized under Lifestyle Prescriptions®, Lifestyle Medicine, Life Coaching or Health Coaching.

If you’re looking for a new insurance we suggest to google local insurance companies in your country and request coverage.

Some of the insurance companies our practitioners are using are:

Holistic Insurance Services

Balens Ltd

Questions? Contact Us

Client Case: Fibromyalgia Breakthroughs – with Denver Hudson [LPHC]

Denver shares how one of his clients had major breakthroughs connecting her emotional hurts with the back pain symptoms. Recorded in one of our weekly Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach Training Classes.

Watch Denver talking about a client with “Fibromyalgia” and another client being amazed that he’s the first practitioner being able to explain exactly “WHY I have symptoms”.



The Fear of Cancer [Free Webinar Replay]

Fear is a very important natural response helping us to protect ourselves and deal with life-threatening or dangerous situations. Fear is an important emotion >>> WATCH THE WEBINAR REPLAY HERE  <<<  and has been hard-wired into our biology due to its vital role in the survival of the individual. Researchers have found that fear is established unconsciously and that the amygdala is involved with fear conditioning.

It was also discovered that fear can contribute to behavioral changes. It was examined that fear conditioning may play a huge role in altering an animal’s (or human’s) behavior in a repeated stress paradigm.

Our senses play a major role in how fear is perceived. A visual stimuli is first received by the visual thalamus and relayed to the amygdala for potential danger. This information is sent to the visual cortex to see if the stimuli poses a potential threat. If so, we react with muscle contraction, increased heart rate and blood pressure and our sympathetic neuronal pathway (flight-flight) is activated.
It has been shown that if more senses are involved (like visual, auditory and self-talk) the perception of fear or suspense will be amplified.

There’s a big difference between how we process or develop fear under different circumstances. 

For example a natural incidence of a healthy fear reaction might be the threat of being eaten by a dangerous animal or being injured in an earthquake or other survival situation. This is an important and essential part of our biological-protective behaviors.

But many times our fear’s have actually nothing to do with reality. They are based on “subjective” perceptions of reality based on our beliefs, past experiences and conditioned programming.

Fear creeps up inside of us and we might not even know where it’s coming from or what triggered it. We talk to a person and suddenly we are fearful. We hear about an earthquake far away and suddenly can’t think straight anymore. We hear a strange sound in our car and are afraid the car is broken or will crash.

It seems whenever we feel helpless, alone, don’t have a strategy to deal with a situation or don’t perceive reality with awareness fear and anxiety may appear.

But you might ask what has this to do with cancer? 

One of the most predominant emotions most people feel when they talk about cancer or if they are due for a health checkup or if they suddenly discover a lump … is FEAR.

Fear seems to be such a predominant state of mind and emotion when we talk about cancer that it is almost impossible to think in a logical, smart and conscious way. We want to win the war against cancer, we fight tumors, we use all possible weapons to defeat the “overgrowing cancer cells”.

And all this without really knowing what causes cancer.

But it seems a shift is happening. Many doctors, researchers and people – like you and me – are starting to question the old models of “waging a war against cancer” and are exploring new ways that go beyond biochemistry or fighting disease.

Let’s step back for a second. Let’s NOT talk about which therapy, modality or treatment needs to be applied. Let us go beyond Traditional, Complementary or Alternative Models and ask a powerful and absolutely important questions:

WHY? Why is this happening? Why does the body react with a tumor? What’s the process involved?

And let’s look beyond biochemistry, risk factors and other old models based on managing the “disease”.

To me it seems clear, that we can’t really understand the cause and process of any illness without taking our emotions, thoughts, social experiences and our lifestyle into account?

From a holistic and integrative perspective our body is actually a powerful self-healing “machine”. Every organ is our body is constantly aiming to regenerate and repair. Every cell is being renewed regularly to ensure our survival.

We start to realize that there is an Art and Science of Self-Healing that allows us to understand the WHY and the HOW.

Knowing the root-cause(s) and the process of self-healing transforms the fear into knowledge and awareness. Fear disappears if we are aware and feel a sense of control, confidence and empowerment.

Our symptoms are not something we are dreading (because we don’t understand them) but something we trust as messages from our body-mind and feedback we can use to change and align with our life’s path.

Watch the FREE Webinar REPLAY: BREAST CANCER. WHY? and discover a revolutionary new perspective about breast cancer, cancer and diseases in general. Don’t miss it!