3 Self-Healing Myths debunked

Just last week one of our new Lifestyle Prescriptions® University students said: “If our body is a healing machine and constantly auto-regulates then why do we have to do anything? Shouldn’t our body heal naturally?”.

Good point.

Let me also address several common myths or beliefs about self-healing that we need to completely reframe.

1) Self-Healing means doing nothing.

I’ve heard many times that self-healing means doing nothing. We just let nature take its course. We trust.

Trusting our body’s healing intelligence is important but it does NOT mean we do nothing. That belief or mindset is totally wrong and actually the opposite is true.

Self-Healing means that there’s a innate and natural tendency of our organism to auto-regulate and move towards balance. Our job is to take conscious actions, to take the necessary steps to:

  • Remove whatever is blocking the self-healing process
  • Strengthen our body’s vitality, health and well-being

In my book “The 6 Root-Cause(s) Of All Symptoms” I explain more about this phenomenon … and lets face it if doing nothing would allow us to be well then we all would be in perfect health, right?

2) Symptoms will improve of their own accord.

Our biggest obstacle by far is procrastination.

We hope things get better.

We wait for a better time or a miracle to happen.

We experiment and try this and that without being fully aware of what’s really causing our symptoms or what’s blocking the auto-regulation process.

What would you prefer:

Hoping things get better or knowing specifically the WHY and HOW (root-causes) and having a clear plan to succeed?

3) We misinterpret symptoms

When clients come to us with back pain, fever, inflammation or skin eczema then usually the first thing we say is: “Congratulations! Your body is already in the regeneration phase.”

Usually clients are a bit shocked and ask what do you mean? How can you say this considering my symptoms.

Well, symptoms are part of a complex process and if we know that the pain back pain, fever, inflammation, skin eczema or many other symptoms are “signs” that the corresponding organ tissue switched already from the stress/sympathetic phase into the regeneration/parasympathetic phase.

Yes, it can be painful. But if we reframe the symptoms and know why we have symptoms, if we know the timeline and the process of self-healing for every single organ in our body we can start to build trust in our body and our inner knowing.

Healing becomes a science.