10 Self-Care Strategies For Any Chronic Health Condition

Thoughts about health … What is self-care and how can it benefit those with chronic and long-term health conditions? Currently 15 million people in the UK live with a chronic or long-term health condition. A long-term health condition means there is no cure at this time and includes conditions such as COPD, diabetes and arthritis. … Continue reading “10 Self-Care Strategies For Any Chronic Health Condition”

Superfoods – Hype or Fiction?

The media always chooses food or foods that are touted as the newest and greatest health food. The latest examples of these are the ‘superfoods”. Unfortunately, there is no one food that is going to make you healthy, fit or thin. Health is not just one thing. Health is not just high-carb or low-fat or plant-based. Or … Continue reading “Superfoods – Hype or Fiction?”