Breast Cancer – Are you being kept out of the loop?

“When we have inflammation, swelling, dragging or stinging pain in the breasts, and have been diagnosed with Carcinoma in Situ, this may be the breasts going through a regeneration self-healing cycle after a period of significant emotional trauma to do with loss of touch or nurturing.”
Next week is BREAST CANCER awareness week. and I get asked to stand on street corners with a bucket to collect money.
Every year the TV and radio ads go on and on about ‘finding a cure’. But here’s the thing: many of the answers are already here, they’re just not well known (yet).
So I’d rather spend my time writing a blog like this to give people REAL information that can help them right now, rather than waiting for this elusive ‘cure for cancer’ which never seems to arrive via the media.
So here’s the low down on breast cancer which you’re probably not being told:


The body is an incredibly intelligent machine. It knows how to maintain health and it knows how to heal itself. If we get ill there are tangible, discoverable, resolvable reasons, and symptoms are rarely (if ever) random.


Symptoms are not a mistake and come in response to the stresses and emotional challenges we have in our life. They come as a result of uncleared emotional hurts from the past, or present, building up to such a state of ‘dis-ease’ within the body that they turn into ‘disease’.


Symptoms also come as a result of the unconscious ‘damage’ we do to ourselves by living a life that is not in harmony with the ‘laws of life’ and ‘laws of health’ which we are unwittingly breaking. Just as when we break a law in society there are consequences (eg jail) so too are there consequences when we break the laws of health. The question is, do you know what these laws are, and are you breaking them? If you are ill, the answer will be yes. (By the way don’t get offended, worried or concerned by that statement – we are always doing our best as a human being, it’s just we do things unconsciously that harm us).


Symptoms have meaning and message. They have a purpose. It’s up to us to decipher the meaning beneath them. Do you know how to do that? Most people don’t, because we haven’t been taught how to. In fact, most of us are not even taught to question symptoms. They just ‘are’.


Society and ‘the establishment’ tell us to ‘fight’ the ‘war’ on cancer. No-one ever wins a war. It’s not about fighting any illness. It’s about getting on the same side of symptoms and making friends with them. Symptoms are your friend. They have a message to tell. They have a story. They are trying to tell you something very important. The question is, will you listen? Will you take the time to interpret them? Without the right tools and skills this can be really hard, especially as we all have our own ‘dark side of the moon’ where we just don’t ‘see’ our own stuff.


Every cell, tissue and organ in the body has a dual function: physical and ‘meta’ physical. Meta means beyond or above, so metaphysical is not some ‘woo woo’ term. It just means beyond physical.

So for example whilst the digestive tract digests our food, it also has to digest our emotional lifeThis is the BIGGEST missing piece in understanding the real root cause of any symptoms or illness.

stress regen cycle simple

Symptoms are often a sign the body is already self-healing and in a so-called ‘regeneration’ cycle. This applies to breast cancer too.

Bearing in mind the physical function of the breasts is to ‘nurture’, so it is for the metaphysical function. It’s all about how much do you feel nurtured? Were you nurtured as a child?  Are you nurturing yourself? Are you being nurtured by others right now in your life?

For example, Carcinoma in Situ:

When we have inflammation, swelling, dragging or stinging pain in the breasts, and have been diagnosed perhaps with Carcinoma in Situ, this may actually be the breasts going through the regeneration self-healing cycle after the body-mind has experienced a ‘regeneration trigger’ after a period of significant emotional trauma to do with loss of touch or nurturing. 

For example, say you are in a loveless or abusive marriage for 10 years and are receiving no nurturing love or attention from your partner. During this time you have felt frustrated, unloved, unheard, invalidated, sad, lonely, upset, devastated… but you put up with it because you don’t know how to stand up for yourself or meet your needs (which in turn is due to childhood experiences we don’t have time to go there in this blog).

You suffer in silence, the emotional pain building up inside you for years. Then you finally decide ‘it’s enough’, it’s the last straw, I’m finally going to leave him’ and you do.

It’s traumatic, it’s difficult to leave, but at the same time it’s a HUGE RELIEF because FINALLY you are putting yourself first, you are meeting your own needs. You are LOVING  AND NURTURING YOURSELF.

You make the decision and you part ways. You move out, and although it’s lonely to begin with, and quite a shock to be on your own, your body HEAVES A SIGH OF RELIEF as you are finally out of this ongoing stressful environment which was creating untold ongoing levels of stress and emotional pain. This is the regeneration trigger. Your body can now start to heal and re-balance itself, as it is perfectly designed to do. And paradoxically it starts to manifest symptoms of inflammation, swelling, dragging or stinging pain in the breasts, and you are diagnosed with Carcinoma in Situ. 

Oh my God! Immediately you think something is wrong and panic. The fear kicks in. “I have cancer”. This is how it is for so many women – so much fear because the underlying causes of symptoms (any symptoms) is not understood.

What you haven’t been told is that the breast ducts are affected by LOSS OF TOUCH or LACK OF NURTURING. You have not been told that during the stress phase (eg when you are putting up with the emotionally stressful marriage) there will be ulcerative dilatation, numbness and perhaps retracted nipple. The numbness comes from your body-mind ‘numbing out’ the emotional pain.

Then in the regeneration phase, after the regeneration trigger (of moving out, putting yourself first etc) the inflammation, swelling, dragging, stinging begins. And that is when the diagnosis of Carninoma in Situ is made. From the doctor’s perspective ‘it’s a mistake, it’s bad’. From the body-mind’s perspective, it’s self-healing. What a radical shift in perspective!

The body is far too intelligent to make mistakes. It does not make mistakes. Symptoms are not a mistake!


The body is far too intelligent to make mistakes. It does not make mistakes. Symptoms are not a mistake! Your body is doing what it needs to do to re-balance after the period of stress and emotional trauma. It knows what it is doing.

I do need to stress at this point that the example above is a simplistic example of how this works, but hopefully it will give you an idea and some fresh perspectives.

The main point is that symptoms are not a mistake, they have a meta-physical meaning, and if we work out what the emotional trauma cause is, and HEAL THAT, then the body will heal itself because it’s designed a self-healing machine.

And the other point here is that we can stop being so afraid of symptoms and diagnoses. We can start to understand that the body knows how to heal itself, and as long as we heal the underlying emotional pain, it will self-rectify, because it’s designed to do so.

We all know this on one level: if you break an arm, you expect it to heal. But remember, it’s not the plaster cast doing the healing. The plaster cast just holds the bones in place so the body can work its magic.

If you find this all too hard to believe and are saying ‘what a load of poppy cock’ I hear you. This will either (a)  sound unbelievable if this is the first time you are hearing such a theory or (b) you will say “Oh my God, this makes so much sense”. This leads me to the next topic…

The level of healthcare you choose will depend on your own internal (subconscious) beliefs which come from your familial / societal / cultural / personal conditioning.

The level of healthcare you choose will depend on your own internal (subconscious) beliefs which come from your familial / societal / cultural / personal programming or conditioning. We are all unconsciously ‘programmed’ by the age of 7 by our environment, depending on the culture, country, family of origin, ancestral history and more. So what are you ‘HEALTH BELIEFS’? What do you believe is possible around health? What have you been taught about healing and illness?

For myself, I grew up thinking the one and only solution was to go to a doctor and get medication or have surgery. I was never told that symptoms have a meaning or purpose and that you question why they are there. I was never told this. What about you? What is your programming?


You can check out my free ‘what causes illness’ or ‘what healthcare is right for me’series for more ways to enhance your health from the inside out.

This is why I created my free e-book ‘Your health beliefs guide’ which you can find inside the free online program ‘Which healthcare model do I choose?’ 

You may also wish to find out more about the causes of illness (any illness) in my free ‘What causes illness’ online program, which talks about the many physical, mind, emotional, environmental causes of illness. It goes into great detail of how we choose our healthcare options according to our unconscious programming and beliefs!


My colleague Johannes is running a webinar on what really causes breast cancer. IT WILL BE FASCINATING. If you are fed up of hearing the media going on about ‘finding a cure’ (and never doing so), or know someone who would like an alternative medication-free surgery-free option to breast cancer, THIS IS A MUST-WATCH EVENT. You can register here for the webinar.

I also highly recommend you seek yourself out a Lifestyle Prescriptions Health Coach. They are trained (like myself) to decipher the hidden messages in symptoms, the deeper meaning within the illness. We can show you how to reverse symptoms without medication, just by healing the root emotional causes, and yes, it’s possible!

So the question is, are your health beliefs serving you or keeping you from the answers and solutions you really want?

If you’re happy with your healthcare choices, great! But if you want more answers, more solutions, more understanding, more choices, and in particular want another route that doesn’t involve medication, supplements or surgery, then maybe it’s time to upgrade your healthcare choices!

Wishing you the healthiest life!
The Kiwi Health Detective

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