Study The Art And Science Of Self-Healing At The World's Only Lifestyle Prescriptions School

Cutting-edge Root-Cause Analysis and Self-Healing Protocols and Thermography Imaging for health professionals, coaches & therapists

Includes a 4-Part Video Training and a Free Career Consultation.

Lifestyle Prescriptions® are offered by health professionals and coaches to help clients find the 6 Root-Cause(s) of symptoms and use 6 effective Self-Healing Protocols to develop healthy lifestyle habits for optimal Body-Mind-Social well-being and longevity.

Why Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching?


Root-Cause Based Health Coaching

Go beyond nutrition and learn how to find root-cause(s) quickly. Lifestyle Prescriptions® are very easy to integrate into your existing practice and work flow - even if you have only a few minutes per client. 
Ask us how!

Body-Mind-Social Root-Cause(s)

Use our 10-Step Root-Cause Analysis Process to find root-cause stress triggers, emotions & lifestyle habits affecting over 1,000 symptoms just by asking a few questions. Very Powerful!

Increase Your Client Compliance

Empower and motivate your clients and patients, guide and coach them with laser-sharp and root-cause based health coaching using the power of your pen.

Improve Health Outcomes & Results

Use proven Energy Psychology, Root-Cause based Health Coaching and Transformational and Lifestyle Medicine Protocols to radically help  improve your clients ability for self-healing and auto-regulation.

Join our 36,037 strong health professional community.

Who's using Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Analysis & Health Plans already?

This new revolutionary new healing paradigm based on the Organ-Mind-Brain Connection, Biology, Brain Science and Energy Medicine is used by thousands of health professionals worldwide.

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    Health Coaches
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    Chiropractors, Osteopaths
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    Other Integrative and Functional Medicine Health Professionals 
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    Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine Practitioners
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    Physical Therapists
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    Doctors, Psychologists
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Lifestyle Prescriptions®  Health Coach Certification Training

Become an expert in finding the 6 Root-cause(s) like unresolved emotions, conflicts & unhealthy lifestyle habits affecting over 1,000 symptoms and use 6 laser-sharp Lifestyle Prescription® protocols, therapy and coaching skills to help clients heal naturally.
Includes the foundation training, our exquisite Organ-Mind-Brain Connection reference posters & charts plus our "We-Do-It-For-You" Business & Marketing Training.
You'll be certified as a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach and receive a license to open a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach Center.

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Lifestyle Prescriptions University | Root-Cause Analysis and Self-Healing Protocols

ThermoBuzzer Thermography Biofeedback System

Build a sustainable and profitable health practice with our cutting-edge mobile thermography technology. 
Visually demonstrate which body areas, organs or acupressure/ trigger points are stressed and out of balance (indicating under/over function) which in turn will motivate clients to work with you and comply with lifestyle protocols. ThermoBuzzer™ will supercharge your practice, support your
 financial stability and grow your business.

About the Lifestyle Prescriptions University

Lifestyle Prescriptions University is the World's Only Lifestyle Prescriptions® Training School with a mission to teach the Art and Science of Self-Healing, psycho-social root-cause analysis and the organ-mind-brain connection. Our passion is to help health professionals improve their practices using Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Plans, cutting-edge skills and technologies and build a global network of Lifestyle Prescription® Providers, Health Coaches and Specialists

What Our Students Have To Say!

 Annie Gedye

Reading, UK


Most people will act on the advice in a prescription. I find that Lifestyle Prescriptions® are a quick, accurate and effective way to allow clients to improve vitality and allow self healing.

Dr. Stephane Provencher

 Dr. Stephane Provencher​​​​ 

Washington DC , USA


Lifestyle Prescriptions® allow me and my center to get to the root-cause of all issues so fast and breakdown the false patterns so easily. It is a life changing and an amazing tool! I am so grateful to be part of this innovative ways of looking at the root-causes analysis.

Christa Krahnert ND

 Christa Krahnert, ND

Gold Coast, Australia


Finally it's here 'Lifestyle Prescriptions University'! A gap in the professional training system of health experts is closed! The true causes of our chronic diseases are directly related to our lifestyle. Finally, we are able to pursue genuine health promotion. I enjoyed the courses very much!

 Jo Trewartha

Halesowen, UK


I love Lifestyle Prescriptions ~ it's revolutionary. It assists me to understand both my own healing journey and that of my clients in a super fast way. Life changer. 

 Dr. Anton Bader 

Heilbronn, Germany


I use Lifestyle Prescriptions® in my practice and it's amazing to see the results with my patients.

Dr. Kevin Chan

 Dr. Kevin Chan

Scottsdale, Arizona


In my busy integrative and functional medical practice I love using the lifestyle prescription charts and quickly ask patients if the conflict themes and emotions connected with their symptoms ring a bell and almost everyone gets it!

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