Lifestyle Prescriptions® Specialist Certification Training

Be a Specialist in your chosen field of practice. Deepen your Root-Cause Analysis & Solutions skills. Become a published author.

Lead the way ... become a world-renowned expert and authority and be certified as a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Specialist in “Asthma, Cancer, Pain, Peak Performance ....... OR your chosen field of practice”.

This is what you’ll learn and achieve:

  • In-depth study of the organ directory (biological thinking and therapy)
  • Develop advanced therapy skills
  • Get “miracle” results with clients
  • Become a LPU faculty member
  • Present at LPU conferences
  • Write a specialist paper for certification
  • Support writing, publishing and promoting your eBook
  • Present a webinar to our community
  • Teach a workshop about your specialty subject through Lifestyle Prescriptions
    University (and get paid ...)

Specialist Training Content

  • 6 month of live advanced root-cause analysis classes topics
  • 6 months writing your paper and book
  • Research support through LPU faculty
  • Bi-weekly practice or supervision sessions
  • Extensive practice with clients
  • Certification as a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Specialist in “.....”

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