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What If You Could Find The Root-Cause Quickly And Use Targeted Lifestyle Modifications To Empower Your Client's Self-Healing Response?

What Are Lifestyle Prescriptions?

Green Prescriptions are based on the newest research in Lifestyle Medicine showing that stress management, nutrition, fitness and social support can reverse a majority of chronic health issues.

Lifestyle Prescriptions® allow for laser-sharp habit and behavior improvements by knowing the root-cause emotions, stress triggers & beliefs affecting specific symptoms and consequently stimulating the natural healing process and auto-regulation.

Dr. Anton Bader Medical Doctor

I use Lifestyle Prescriptions in my practice and it is amazing to see the results with my patients. They take action and their health improves.
Annie Gedye Bowen Therapist

Most people will act on the advice in a prescription from a health provider. I find that Lifestyle Prescriptions are a quick, accurate and effective way to allow clients to improve vitality and allow self healing.

Dr. Ilana Fernandez PsyD

Lifestyle Prescriptions are a quick and easy way for me as a licensed psychologist to support clients take precise ACTION steps towards self-healing. These cutting-edge advances in understanding the root causes of stressors and illnesses, makes deep and lasting healthier lives possible like never before.

The Lifestyle Prescriptions Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the mission to empower conscious and healthy living through global awareness campaigns.