Lifestyle Medicine Summit | Online Health Conference

Self-Healing Made Easy

Lifestyle Prescriptions® Boot-Camp

A 3-Month Virtual "Longevity" Retreat

Just imagine getting a total health make-over by knowing exactly what's causing your health or life challenges and by applying specific lifestyle prescriptions® to activate your self-healing response and create the body, mind and life you deserve.

Includes step-by-step guidance and support from a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach.

The Lifestyle Prescriptions® Boot-Camp uses a highly targeted root-cause diagnosis & solutions process to help you become aware of the deeper meaning of your symptoms and our professional health coaches will guide you all the way ... to make the changes you know you need to make.

  • 3-Months of Online Classes
  • 3-Months of Lifestyle Prescription®
  • Personal Health Coaching Sessions
  • Improve chronic symptoms
  • Improve your weight and body image
  • Release negative emotions or limiting beliefs
  • Define and achieve your life goals 

Every participant will work with a personal Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach to achieve their boot-camp goals.

The next Lifestyle Prescriptions® Boot-Camp will start July 15, 2017.


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